Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well Adjusted

Any of you that know Bubba, knows she has a crazy way of running. I compare her to the way Phoebe and Rachel were running freely in Central Park on Friends. It is comical. So I decided to have her checked out by my chiropractor. She went a few times when she was a baby but hasn't been since. This was her 3rd visit and I finally remembered to bring my camera and take some pics for you. She is a great patient and lays right down for him and does exactly what he tells her to do. Her hip was definitely misaligned. One leg was a good inch shorter than the other, causing her to walk funny and fall down more than normal. After 3 adjustments she is doing much better but will continue to go 3 times a week for one more week.

Being silly in the waiting area


Looking at her neck

getting her hips adjusted

Bunny is keeping her company (right hand)

Addy and Dr. George

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