Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day weekend

Well we decided to stay home this year for Labor Day weekend. Friday we went out to dinner then hit a festival. Unfortunately the girls only got to ride one ride then we got caught in a down pour. We were all soaked but Addy didn't seem to mind. Evelyn squacked but was a trooper. The next day Evelyn and I were off to a birthday party for her friend Alora. Off to Libby Lu's for a "rock star" makeover. She is such a tom boy. Definitely not her style but she did like her fake microphone headset she got with the makeover. That night we decided to take the girls to see Kung Fu Panda at the dollar theater. Adeline was great and watched the whole movie. Sunday we hit our second birthday party at our neighbor Emelia's (Ya-Ya) . The girls had a great time with all the neighborhood kids.

Addy with the pinataBackyardagains
Today we took the girls to the Charlotte Knights last baseball game of the season. I wish I could say they had a good time but we spent too much time watching the game and by the time we got over to the play area, they were shutting down. But she did get her cotton candy she was begging for right before we left so that made her happy. Tomorrow it's back to school!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wet, Wet

Evelyn's second day of school proved to be an exciting one. Tropical storm Fay's remnants hit Charlotte with approx 10" of rain and tornado warnings all day. School policy has the children "hunkered down" throughout the day whenever there are weather warnings like this. I thought they would have them in the hallways but Evelyn said they put them in the bathroom. Which leads me to the next Wet. Evelyn got off the bus with different shorts on than the ones I sent her in. Hmmm?
Evelyn, did you have an accident?
What happened?
MOMMMMMM! You put extra clothes in my bag.
Just because I put a change of clothes in your bag, doesn't mean you have to use them.
(Jokingly) If you were in the bathroom a lot, you should have went then!
MOMMMMMM! I'm not going to go when everyone is in there!

Her teacher called and left a message telling me the play by play of what happened and how bad she felt for Evelyn. Evelyn has a tendency to hold it until she can't anymore. We had a long talk and Evelyn is afraid to use the bathroom unless someone goes with her and stands by the door. I explained to her that Kindergarten is a lot different and she needs to do this on her own like she does at home. Hopefully, she can get over this fear and go at school. In the meantime, I won't let her out the door in the morning unless she goes to the bathroom here first. That sounds easy enough but I'm sure she will fight me on it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Where Sissy Go?

I heard that a lot from Addy today.
All went well and Evelyn said that school was great and riding the bus was cool. She asked to ride it both ways. She's not much of a talker when it comes to specifics about the day. I have to keep asking questions. She's a bit like her father. She said she is excited about going tomorrow. But for those of you who know her, she isn't much for showing her excitement. The rain held off until she got off the bus so I could get a quick photo of her. She looked pretty whooped but not too tired to have a big treat before resting on the couch. Hopefully tomorrow will go as well.
Getting off the bus
After school treat
Looking a little whooped.

A Brand New Gator

I swear I was just in the hospital filled with emotions. A brand new baby barely 4lbs. That was 5 years ago. I think I was more nervous today than Evelyn. I thought I was all ready but started thinking of all these questions I didn't have answered. How would she get on the bus? How would she know to get off the bus? Will she be too scared to ask to go to the bathroom? Who is going to be worse in the morning, me or her. Will she find her way to the classroom OK? So, she slept fine, me, not so much. Much to my surprise, the send off went extremely well. No tears were shed. Not even me! Just a gut ache that I'm sure won't go away in the next twenty years. I walked her to her classroom today, met her teacher (Mrs. Jenkins) and watched her for a bit. When I asked for a kiss goodbye she leaned close then turned her head and allowed me to kiss her cheek. It's started already. But she was sensitive enough to know I needed more and looked at me smiled then gave me a kiss. Off she went. I will walk her in again tomorrow but from then on, she will be dropped off in the carpool line.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" Evelyn's reaction to me opening the shades this morning to wake her up.
"This doesn't even feel like morning. Are you sure I slept yet?"

That should tell you something! Evelyn has always been a sleeper. I don't think Evelyn ever saw the morning earlier than 8am. We will both be adjusting to this 6 and 6:30 thing. Momma likes her sleep too!

I will let everyone know how she does. I will be waiting with my camera at the end of our driveway today and upload those pictures. Yes, we made a last minute decision to have her ride the bus home everyday. Cringe!
Evelyn off to school
Half awake

Bye Daddy!
Bye Mommy!
Send off gift from Ethan
Big Kindergartner

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Breakfast in bed

A whole month has past since I last wrote. I need to get back on track and promise to be better. Starting tomorrow. Solid words from a procrastinator. But my excuse is legit. Thursday I managed to continue my Klutz title and hit my head. Very hard. Doctor said I have a nice concussion with some nerve damage. If my writing doesn't make sense, trust me, it has to be better than the past three days. Actually, today I feel a lot better, not great, but better. Brian has been a great help with the girls and allowed me to rest a lot and sleep in. Which leads me to today. Brian got up with the girls and about 8:30 I managed to crawl out of bed and start making it before I decided to crawl back in. Just then Brian popped back in and said you better get back in bed, Evelyn needs one more minute. So I did. In came breakfast in bed, including a get well card. Evelyn had planned this and Daddy helped. Okay, so it was coffee left over from the day before (gag) and soggy cereal that Adeline proceeded to devour, but it still was the best breakfast a mom could ask for.

That's it for today. Thoughts are scrambled but I'm attaching a few photos of the girls since it has been a while. Thanks for all your well wishes.

Remind me to teach Brian how to make coffee.

Dinnertime snooze

Adeline eating her favorite snack, white cheddar popcorn

(left to right: Maddie, Evelyn, Jack & Ashlyn at the movies)

Daddy and the girls