Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well Adjusted

Any of you that know Bubba, knows she has a crazy way of running. I compare her to the way Phoebe and Rachel were running freely in Central Park on Friends. It is comical. So I decided to have her checked out by my chiropractor. She went a few times when she was a baby but hasn't been since. This was her 3rd visit and I finally remembered to bring my camera and take some pics for you. She is a great patient and lays right down for him and does exactly what he tells her to do. Her hip was definitely misaligned. One leg was a good inch shorter than the other, causing her to walk funny and fall down more than normal. After 3 adjustments she is doing much better but will continue to go 3 times a week for one more week.

Being silly in the waiting area


Looking at her neck

getting her hips adjusted

Bunny is keeping her company (right hand)

Addy and Dr. George

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I want the crib back.

Lets see, what's new?
I finally convinced Evelyn to get a hair cut but she hates it and says she wants a "style". Looks like we are going back to the salon and getting.

We took the girls to the school parking lot and playground on Sunday and brought Evelyn's bike without the training wheels. She says she is determined but was quick to give up. Actually she called them "breaks" but the breaks came after every run. Think she is realizing it is harder than it looks. Hopefully she wont give up, especially after her first fall. Daddy didn't let go long enough for that to happen.

Adeline is making bedtime a "not so pleasant experience". She did so well at the beginning but now we dread the evenings. She is constantly getting out of bed, going into Evelyn's room, screaming, and just refusing to stay in bed. I'm starting to regret the quick decision to scrap the crib. Last night it was a two hour event. Of course, this keeps Evelyn up too and she really needs to be sleeping by 8pm. Then at 3:3oam, Addy decided she was all rested (after falling asleep at 10pm) and decided to go into E's room and try to get her to join in the party. Maybe we should just let them share a room. hmmmmmmmmmm. I think that would make both of them happy since Evelyn begs to sleep with Addy on the weekends.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The weather has been beautiful here. High 60's low 70's. It may be a tease but we are hoping it stays this way. At least above freezing. Here's a little glimpse of what the Spring and Summer will be like.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Addy's transition from the crib to big girl bed has been perfect just like Evelyn's. She is so proud that she can get in an out without any help from us. Just a stool at the bottom of the bed to get up and a comforter at the end of the bed that helps her slide down to get out. She gets a big grin and says "Addy did it". Well this morning she yet again proved how different her and Evelyn are. Half asleep, I hear a few thumps and then quiet. I open my eyes and feel a presence. Probably just Evelyn coming in our room since Addy's not awake yet. But I don't see her, then I look down, its Addy. She got out of bed, came down the stairs and walked into our bedroom. Grin. Up she came in bed with us. Grin. Grin. A hilarious moment for us, and from the look of her ear to ear grin, her proudest. At four years old, we would beg Evelyn to get out of bed and come down. I think she finally did at 5.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Gray Hair Day

Out of the blue, this came. I still don't know the reason

And continued....

And continued...

One of her best, I must say. It lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes starting in the grocery store, continuing in the parking lot (where we sat for 20 minutes trying to buckle her in, she's a strong little Bubba) and ended once groceries were brought into the house and she found bunny in the last video. Dad, this is the reason your birthday card was a generic one!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Snow Day

We had our second snow day on Wednesday. Not even an inch but lots of ice and very cold. After hitting the gym and putting the girls in child watch, we headed home for lunch then put Addy down for her nap. Evelyn kept begging to go outside. By then, most of the snow was gone so all there was to do is find icicles, make really bad snow/grass angels and look for animal tracks in the half melted snow. All the fun things I remember doing when I was little. Today there was a 2 hour delay (lord knows why). Looking forward to this weekends weather mid 60's to get out side and play without Evelyn's feet turning red. Brian will be in the garage all weekend painting the walls so they are ready for the installers to put in the cabinets. Finally!

Brian still has a job!!! Unfortunately he had to let go two of his employees, but for now, he is safe.

Oh, I keep forgetting to tell you, I signed Addy up for gymnastics too since she is always trying to imitate her sister. She has been going for 3 weeks now and really seems to like it. I will try to get some photos sometime, but they don't like the parents to watch and distract them.

Evelyn's Sleepover

Friday night was Evelyn's sleepover. This year we decided no birthday party but she could have a couple friends for a sleepover. Well, a couple turned to four. Oh, I should say five since Adeline was hanging with all of them and having a ball. She was determined she was going to sleep with all of them but finally convinced her at 10:45pm to go to her room.They all seemed to have a good time. Everyone brought their sleeping bags and after some dinner, a craft, cake and presents, they settled down with a movie. It was about an hour after lights out that all was quiet. To bed late (around 11:40pm) and up at 6:15 (due to our smoke alarm chirping low battery), they had breakfast and played some more before we had to leave by 10am to get to the circus. Here are a couple pics from that night and the circus.

My attempt at cake decorating: Alex, Ashlyn, Evelyn, Jack and Lily Addy asleep at the circus