Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I want the crib back.

Lets see, what's new?
I finally convinced Evelyn to get a hair cut but she hates it and says she wants a "style". Looks like we are going back to the salon and getting.

We took the girls to the school parking lot and playground on Sunday and brought Evelyn's bike without the training wheels. She says she is determined but was quick to give up. Actually she called them "breaks" but the breaks came after every run. Think she is realizing it is harder than it looks. Hopefully she wont give up, especially after her first fall. Daddy didn't let go long enough for that to happen.

Adeline is making bedtime a "not so pleasant experience". She did so well at the beginning but now we dread the evenings. She is constantly getting out of bed, going into Evelyn's room, screaming, and just refusing to stay in bed. I'm starting to regret the quick decision to scrap the crib. Last night it was a two hour event. Of course, this keeps Evelyn up too and she really needs to be sleeping by 8pm. Then at 3:3oam, Addy decided she was all rested (after falling asleep at 10pm) and decided to go into E's room and try to get her to join in the party. Maybe we should just let them share a room. hmmmmmmmmmm. I think that would make both of them happy since Evelyn begs to sleep with Addy on the weekends.

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