Friday, March 18, 2011

One Year Looking Back

Its hard to believe its been a year.

One year of 2 a.m. blood sugar checks
One year of counting carbs
One year of finger pricks
One year of a pit in our stomach
One year of wishing for a cure
One year of glucose tablets, insulin, needles, lancets, insets, alcohol pads, glucagons, emergency packs

One year of bravery more than I knew possible
One year of people reaching out to us
One year of appreciating life so much more
One year of being taught by a 3 (now 4) year old to accept life, go with the flow and never forget to giggle.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick Change

Monday's just got a little busier.  On top of gymnastics, Addy had her first soccer practice tonight. So we got home from gymnastics and did a quick change from leotards to shin guards.  She was so excited about going but when she got there she seemed a little shy about everything. The normal wild Bubba was quite reserved and timid.  So we did a quick sugar check to make sure she was at her game # and off she went, slowly. Painfully slowly.  The team practiced shooting, dribbling, passing and not using their hands.  That seemed to be the hardest for Addy. Not using her hands still hasn't registered.  But, I need to remember she's only four and she will get faster and the hang of it as she practices. I think tonight was the unknown to her.  Hopefully next week she will go in there as her crazy Bubba self and throw caution to the wind!


Sugar Check
Addy's Bud Emelia

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things I Don't Like...

Evelyn does a lot of writing.  I've yet to read half of her notes, stories or letters but I came across this list that I thought was too cute to keep to ourself.

A list of things I don't like...

that I don't have any pets
most princesses
green grapes
Addy's mean side
stupid red sauce
tight things 
annoying bugs
Lunchables applesauce
reading, it is the worst homework I have
spiders, alligators
being in a car seat 
bad smells
some cheese like cheddar cheese
going to bed early
getting up to go to school early
groan-up TV shows all except Ellen
leaving playdates
chunks in mashed potatoes
spanish because its boring
slow computers
long car rides to vacation
the cold
diabetes, diabetes
more diabetes
more and more seeing Addy cry about it
spicy....too hot...itchy!
And lot's of more diabetes!
The most thing I hate is Diabetes!
Getting really sick. 
Missing Friday's
Monday's or Tuesday's
Stinging in my eye

And most of all again Horrible Bad Diabetes

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Addys Diabetes Walk 2011 Video

Walk For A Cure
April 16, 2011
Charlotte, NC
Please help! Donate to one of our team members or join our team and walk with us!

(you will need to scroll down to the bottom of this blog and pause my pop-out music to hear the video)