Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick Change

Monday's just got a little busier.  On top of gymnastics, Addy had her first soccer practice tonight. So we got home from gymnastics and did a quick change from leotards to shin guards.  She was so excited about going but when she got there she seemed a little shy about everything. The normal wild Bubba was quite reserved and timid.  So we did a quick sugar check to make sure she was at her game # and off she went, slowly. Painfully slowly.  The team practiced shooting, dribbling, passing and not using their hands.  That seemed to be the hardest for Addy. Not using her hands still hasn't registered.  But, I need to remember she's only four and she will get faster and the hang of it as she practices. I think tonight was the unknown to her.  Hopefully next week she will go in there as her crazy Bubba self and throw caution to the wind!


Sugar Check
Addy's Bud Emelia

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