Thursday, May 22, 2008

Evelyn had her last day of preschool yesterday. Can't believe it is all over. Too sad thinking about it so I won't wallow on my posts until it gets closer to the big FDOK (first day of kindergarten). Grandma and Grandpa got here on Tuesday on there way back to NY. Evelyn just loves having family here to play with. When I took her to bed she said her favorite thing to do with them is talk to them. Evelyn, a talker? OK, so non-stop talker is more like it. It has been warm here but not warm enough to swim in the pool. Evelyn decided it was. She had Grandma and Grandpa get in their swimsuits and get in the pool with her. 68 degrees that water is. Now that is dedication. Evelyn turned out to be more talk than action but Adeline was her usual maniac self. She couldn't have cared if that water was 50 degrees, she was going in. So you see what my Summer will be like. What a determined soul she is.
Today we had 40 yards of mulch delivered. Yes, you read that right. 40! Can't believe I will be spending my next two days spreading that stuff. Only thing that could make it better is to have a visit from my favorite snakes while I'm out there. Minute I do, I'm inside showered with a drink in my hand.
The girls had a recheck for their ears today and Adeline had her very late, 15 month check-up. Today she turned 17 months. All is well. Adeline toughed out her 2 shots and is 29 3/4 lbs and 34 inches long. Oh, Bubba. After, we drove our hick selves to Nascar Speed Week uptown. What a people watching event that is. Lord! (can you see me shaking my head?) Evelyn seemed to enjoy herself. She got her face painted and she got to see what the race cars look like inside.
Well, wish me and my back luck tomorrow. Wonder when it will actually break, on the 1st yard or 40th.
Take that big Sis
Cold Blooded Bubba
Cheerio Kid at Speed Street
What's a festival without face painting?
Crazy girl at dinner time

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Miss Grumpy Preschool Graduate

Today was Evelyn's end of the year program at preschool. As you can see by the photos below, she looked like she was way to good for it. All the other kids were singing and waving to their parents. We think she was mad because she couldn't spot us in the crowd because at the end, we finally got her attention and she began to sing. But, the program was pretty much over by then. I had curled her hair but an hour later it was straight again.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

School is coming to an end. Evelyn's last day is on Wednesday and this past week was "spirit" week. (Hat day, inside out day, tacky day, crazy hair and pajama day) This is a picture of Evelyn on Crazy hair day. We were going to put pony tails all over her head or put the crazy green clown wig on, but the day before, we went to Walmart and she picked out a Hanna Montana wig. She had a great time wearing all around. She participated every day except for Tacky Day. Go figure. The only day she could get away with the crazy, mish-mashed outfits she usually wears, she decides to actually match from head to toe.

Adeline officially has a new nickname to add to the list....The Kissing Bandit. Out of nowhere she will appear, mouth wide open, coming at you. You can't run or hide, she will find you. Especially if you are knelt down, she will come up and kiss your back. Otherwise, your legs or bum get hit by the kissing bandit. Her vocabulary is still low but is improving. "Please, Peek-a-boo, juice are the newest. What she lacks in brain she makes up in mass. Ahhhhhhhhhh, my gentle giant!

Well time to take the troups outside to play now that the Bandit is up from her nap.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Hilton Head

Ok, so I'm already slacking on my blogs. Time just seems to fly by with no free time to sit and write everything down. Addy is helping me with this one so excuse any typos and crazy marks that show up. She is such a good helper, ugh. So we hit the Beach this past weekend with the kids and a few neighbors. The weather was perfect and Hilton Head is so beautiful. We will definitely go back. It is super kid friendly but also perfect for a couple getaway too. The place where we stayed was right on the harbor and few minute walk to the beach. We spent part of the day on the beach and the rest at the pool. Each of the couples who went had there own "apartment" which was right next to one another so we were able to get the little ones to bed, set up a movie for the "big" kids and then hang out on the deck. Right below our apartments were shops, restaurants, ice cream and decks overlooking the harbor. At night there was live music, trivia, a clown and the most important, after-dinner drinks for us! Evelyn and Addy both preferred the pool over the beach. While Evelyn still is cautious of the water, Addy kept trying to get in the pool via the deep end. We definitely have our hands full with Bubba.

Watching the Macaws w/Jack & Ashlyn

Evelyn and Adeline

In the pool

Evelyn and her friend Ashlyn

Addy adjusting to the sand

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Would you care for some tea?

Brian and I spent a beautiful day without the girls yesterday at the Wachovia golf tournament so I thought it would be nice to have a special day with Evelyn. I took Evelyn and her friend Lily to a Tea Party with The Little Mermaid. It was more like a Mother/Daughter luncheon than tea and Evelyn was quick to note there was NO tea. The girls had a great time. Lily won a door prize but they both got great goody bags and a huge fish balloon. I've promised Evelyn we will get her to a "real" tea party someday.

Evelyn, Lily & Mermaid

Friday, May 2, 2008

Splish Splash

We finally got the kiddie pool up and running today. What a great day. All our neighborhood friends and perfect weather. Addy was so excited she couldn't stay out of it the whole time we were blowing it up. Then when it finally was blown up, she had a ball jumping around in it even without the water. I couldn't get her to sit and eat her lunch. The best $30 I ever spent. I wasn't sure if this thing was worth it or if it would last the day before it popped, but after all of the girls neighborhood friends were in it today, I was amazed.
Addy hanging with the big kids


The Poser

Cheese again!

Until next time!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

just another day with the girls

Pretty uneventful day today. The girls and I spent most of our time outside except for Addys 3 hour nap! I wish she did that all the time. Ran to BJ's this morning and picked out a kiddie pool for the girls. Evelyn was so excited that she got her suit on immediately but was very sad when I told her the pump had to charge and we couldn't blow it up until tomorrow. I can't wait to see how Addy reacts to it. It is supposed to be in the 80's again tomorrow so it will get used all day. I will post pictures of it next time. Evelyn is off of school today and tomorrow for Parent/Teacher conferences. I will meet with her teachers tomorrow a.m.

Addy is sillier everyday. She is now saying: Cheese, Tickle-tickle, da-da and rock-rock. She only knows what a sheep and dog say and what a fish does. She thinks she is so smart. After you ask her, she says "baa" then grins from ear to ear. I have video of it but can't get it uploaded her. I will keep trying. They both are feeling much better. Addie loves taking her medicine and Evelyn moans everytime.

Photo above is of Evelyn and her new climbing. Just what I needed her to teach Addy. Just call her Mrs. Tarzan.