Saturday, September 27, 2008

Too Many Goodbyes

"Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other, it's one day closer to the next time you will."

This year we have lost our last three Grandparents. Brian's Grandmother Elsie Brown died in the Spring followed by my Grandfather John Green in August, then Brian's Grandmother Wilma Koch died this past Friday. Todays blog is to honor their memory. Our wonderful memories will always bring smiles to our faces. We love you and will always cherish our time together.

Grandpa Green with Evelyn and Adeline

Grandma Koch with all of us

Grandma Koch with Evelyn

Grandma Brown, Evelyn and Grandma Koch

Grandma Brown with Addy

Duane, Grandma Brown, Evelyn & Brian

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Dearest Bunny

Wherever I go
Whatever I do
We'll always go through it together!

Dear Bunny, Thank you for...

Playing with me outside

Going to school with me

Afternoon naps

Putting up with my crap. (yes, bunny is in there somewhere)

Hanging around
helping me smile for the camera

Car rides

Stroller rides

Hanging during tea parties

In your honor
Love, Adeline

Monday, September 22, 2008

Day Of Fun

The weather has been so nice lately. Cooler temps and low humidity so we decided to spend Saturday outside as much as possible. We headed up to Lake Norman for a boat ride to see how the other half lives. The girls had a ball and Addy was crazy as ever. She had a hard time understanding that the other boats were boats and not airplanes but I think she finally got it by the end. Then it was off to Putt Putt. Evelyn got the hang of it but Addy still wanted to help by picking up our balls and saying "here". After 18 we drove about 10 miles to the Lazy 5 Ranch where you can drive your own car in and through to see the animals or take a wagon ride. We chose the wagon ride which got us up close and personal with all the animals. Evelyn was a little afraid to feed them but relaxed by the end. This place was amazing and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Addy wasn't scared until we were off the wagon and walking through the petting zoo and bird area. A macaw was sitting high on a branch and was squawking and it freaked her out. She stopped dead in her tracks and wouldn't move. Brian had to carry her through. Of course we are awful parents so for our amusement we would make the same bird sound just to get a laugh at her reaction. Ah, good times. We closed the park down then headed to Vinny's on the Lake for dinner. Luckily Addy had a 15 minute nap between Putt Putt and the Ranch because it was now 7pm and we didn't know what to expect at dinner. She must have been running on adrenaline because she stood on her chair the entire dinner. All rules and manners were out the door since it was so late and we were just happy she wasn't screaming. Lots of pictures from the day so I may have to play around with a slide show but will attach a couple now.

I want to tumble too!

Addy has watched Evelyn enough at gymnastics and always tries to copy her when doing forward rolls, so I decided to sign her up for a toddler tumbling at the Y. It is only 1/2 hour a week and tomorrow will be her 3rd week. She really seems to enjoy it but she loves to be around other kids in general. The tumbling is just a bonus for her.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Helatious Humpday

Let's see...Evelyn was home sick with a fever yesterday and I was REALLY looking forward to a couple hours to myself today after I dropped Addy off at preschool. Today was the last day of the "easing in" period and Monday starts 9-1. Ah, everything is going as planned, not even a problem at drop off with Evelyn. She got out of the car fine and walked into school without any talk of being afraid like she has been. So time to drop off Addy. She was acting a little reluctant today and even snubbed the bubble machine and made me pick her up. Strange. On to her classroom. Let the crying begin. One of the teachers said don't worry, she'll calm down after all the parents leave. I really thought she would but was wondering why she acted like this in the first place. Shortly anyways, I was too excited about having 2 hours to myself!!! I needed to get new drinking glasses, sand for a project for Evelyn, gifts, new gymnastics leotard and a coffee. I got to the first store, shopped a little then got the call. Addy hasn't settled down (1 hour later) and I should come get her. Ugh. So much for alone time. Oh well, I will just pick her up and run the errands. Wrong. My first attempt was at a consignment shop where she refused to get out of a red plastic car. She kept saying Addy's and pointing to her belly. I had to remove her from it kicking and screaming. Well, this isn't working. Let's go home. Well I couldn't get her in her car seat because she was arching, kicking and slapping me. What a scene. Finally I won and off we went. Crap, where is my credit card? Hello, Bed, Bath and Beyond, do you have my credit card? Yes. Crap. She is still screaming. Next call, need to see my child right now. So with a side trip to pick up my credit card (which they said Tracy B? when I walked in. I wondered how they knew it was me. She said, "I recognize the screaming") we were off to the doctors. OK, so this is 2 1/2 hours of screaming. Lord, help me. Strange enough, we get to the Dr's and she is calm (as long as I am holding her) and almost falls asleep in my lap. She even smiles and waves at the nurses, blows kisses and stands on the scale (31 lbs by the way).

Ear infection in left ear. The doctor commented on how well mannered she was. HA!!!!. If she only knew. At least we know why she was acting this way.

Trying to steal my thunder for worst day ever, Brian calls around 5pm. "You'll never guess where I am". I figured he was stuck in the rain storm where there was flooding. "I'm in the elevator, stuck on the 11th floor, it could be a while." OMG! Long story short, the fire department pulled him out after 45 minutes. The elevator was stuck between floors and they had to pull him up and out. OK, he wins.

What a day.
Did I mentioned I bought that stinking red car!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Just me and my big sis

I get to go to school too!!!

So Mommy took me to this cool place one day. It had lots of toys and Elmo on the wall. It even had a slide right in the room. I played there for a bit then Mommy, Sissy and I left. I wasn't sure what this place was until the other day. Mommy brought me back there and I ran right in. I remember the big smile on my face. Then the other lady said, are you going to say goodbye to Mommy? I turned around, waved then ran to the slide. The time went by fast and then all the other kids Moms were coming back and getting them. Then I started to get nervous and cry a little because I didn't know where my Mommy was. But all of a sudden, there was Mommy with a big smile on her face. She took this photo below because she forgot her camera when she dropped me off. I look scared but I really had a great time there. We went back there again today and I had an even better time. They had a bubble machine in the hallway and I played in the bubbles for a few minutes until one popped in my eye. Today was even more fun, we played outside on the playground and I got to ride in one of those cool red buggies that holds six kids like me. I go again on Wednesday but only for two hours. Then next week, Mommy said I go from 9-1, whatever that means. She said she is looking forward to getting some projects done. I'm just lookng forward to that slide!
Me with my teacher Mrs. Linz

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baddy Addy

Unloading groceries today I looked over and Addy had Evelyn's bike gear on, backwards of course. She was so proud of herself and kept asking for help getting the elbow pads, so I had to snap a couple shots. What a character.