Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rock me Ambajejus

Tuesday, July 8 - Today we made it to Millinocket, home of Mt. Katahdin, a mountain that Brian has talked about ever since we vacationed in Maine 10 years ago. After making a quick stop at the State Park Headquarters we headed to the Scootic In for lunch for some delicious lobster rolls. Then we were off to the 5 Lakes Lodge where we will stay for two nights. What a place. We have wanted to come here for a while and finally are here. Our room is called Ambajejus (named after one of the lakes here) and is on the corner so we get an incredible cross breeze. The Lodge sits on a small piece of land surrounded by water. Pretty much heaven. After vegging for a few hours by the water we headed back out for dinner. All we do is eat! Back to town at a little diner (choices are very limited) called The Appalachian Trail. Very casual but really yummy. Really need to diet when we get back to NC.
Catch up tommorow if I can catch a wifi signal.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Where to begin

Blogging from Bangor, ME. Brian and I flew into Portland today for a much needed vacations sans the chitlins. 5:30 am flight got us here by 8:40 and we were on our way. After a bunch of outlet shopping in Freeport, we made the drive up to Bangor where we are staying for the night. Were both exhausted from an hours sleep the night before but Brian is sick on top of that. Don't know if it is a bug or his breakfast at the Philly airport. Anyways, his sickness gives me a little time to catch everyone up.
Lets see, where this whirlwind began...........
Sunday, June 22 - Drive up to NY to stay with my parents. Addy was great this year with the drive but poor Evelyn had a stomach bug and we kept having to stop for her. Brian stayed back in Charlotte. Thank you Muscato for helping me with the girls. Hope you would choose the stopping for Evelyn's problem over the the tornado and constant 12 hour screaming from Addy last year.
Monday, June 23 - get settled a Gma & Papa's Delitys house and hit the playground.
Tuesday, June 24 - Visit Gpa Green's and his new house, Evelyn gets her "real" tea party with Grandma.
Wed. June 25 - Make a quick trip up to Rochester to visit our much missed Nancy Pants.
Thurs. June 26 - drive back to parents
Friday, June 27 - Several playground trips for the girls. Addy continues to be a daredevil and acts more like a 3 year old than 18 months. Met high school friends Tacey, Melissa, Kristen, Marci & Cathy out for Alumni. A very tame year, especially compared to last year. We must be getting old.
Saturday, June 28 - continue hanging with old classmates at the Country Club, then out to the "hotel" for one making me even lamer . Can't believe it has been 19 years since graduation.
Sunday - day of rest after a short visit with my moms childhood friend.
Monday, June 30 - pack up the girls and drive back up to Rochester. No trip to Rochester is complete without a shopping trip to Wegmans. Going there always makes me miss it even more. I know, it's a grocery store but it's those comfort foods!
Tuesday, July 1 - The Zoo! The girls and I had a great time at the Seneca Park Zoo. Addy called anything that was in water a fish. She was a trip and just so happy to be running around. Evelyn seemed to care more about the playgrounds and man-made creek to splash in than the animals. After a full day at the zoo and a little knee injury, it was time to go. Addy was a sleep before we got out of the parking lot. A perfect transfer to her pack-n-play, so Evelyn and I could take a dip in Aunt Pants pool then shower and meet Jen, Lilianna & Tacey for dinner.
Wednesday, July 2 - Strong Children's Museum
Aunt Lauri and Grandma & Grandpa came up to spend the day at the museum with the girls and me. Good thing, because I don't know how I would of handled both of them. They were all over and never in the same direction. What a great place, only wish there was one in Charlotte. Had a great time in all the exhibits but definitely loved seeing the girls reaction to the Butterfly garden the best! Another long but fun filled day!
Thursday, July 3 - Daddy's here. Today we picked up Brian and the airport but not until we packed in a visit with Tami and Jen and their girls. Evelyn had a ball. Poor thing gets to see them once a year but they play like they just saw each other the day before. The girls were ecstatic to see Daddy and they both ran to him when they saw him. After that Adeline wouldn't let him out of her sight. Airport, dinner then off to Brian's parents.

Happy 4th! Another fun packed day. We spent the day at Tim & Lauri's house with all of Brian's family. All the kids play so well together and it is always sad when it is over.
July 5 - After spending time by the firepit until 2 am, we decided to crash with Tim & Lauri. Everyone slept in then enjoyed some pool time, then back to Gma & Gpa's house. Spent the evening drinking Duane's very tasty homemade wine, watching fireworks and catching fireflies with Evelyn.
Sunday, July 6 - relaxing day, then off to Pat & Kirsten's for Mackenzie's 3rd b-day party, quick visit with G-ma Koch at her new assisted living center, check out the latest updates at Shaun and Nicole's gorgeous home, then back to the in-laws to pack for our trip to Maine. Went to bed at 1:30 am and back up at 2:50am. Why am I still up at 12:30 am blogging this after an hour sleep the night before? I'm sure I've missed something but too tired to care at this point.
Which ends us here! I will get pictures up if I have a chance on this trip, otherwise when I get back to Charlotte the middle of July. Hope Brian is feeling better tomorrow for his trek up Mt. Katahdin.