Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fathers Day

Fathers Day we did a whole lot of nothing. It was another gorgeous day and Brian wanted to hang by the pool and watch the last day (or so we thought) of the Open. Until today, Evelyn has been doggie paddling with her neck stretched way up so the water wont be in her face. Something changed today, she was hell bent about holding her breath and swimming with her face in the water. Finally! I thought this day would never come. Once she started, she wouldn't stop until we made her get out for dinner. We are so proud of her! Next we'll work on diving down a little deeper than swimming on the surface. Video camera still not working so sorry about the poor quality on the video below.

So one daughters learning, facing her fears........the other, well she wears a bucket on her head.

Me and the girlsBucket girl

Goggle cheese!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pop Star

Evelyn had a birthday party on Saturday at Sweet and Sassy. Its a place where they do their hair, makeup, nails and have them dress up or do a pop star theme. She had been there before for a princess party but this time it was the Pop Star theme. She liked this much better although she doesn't seem to favor either. She's not the princess type and not quite the Hannah Montanna type. More a Tom Boy than anything. After the girls had there "concert" on the runway and posed for their magazine cover we let Adeline hit the stage. I have a feeling that she will be more the princess type than Evelyn.

Evelyn and Birthday girl Lily
The Popettes (Evelyn front/left)
Getting ready for their magazine cover
All Ready
Getting hair, makeup and nails done
Addy hitting the runway
Unfortunately, my video wasn't working so I had to snap it on my phone. She is on the right.

After a fun party we had our neighbors over for a cookout and watch the US Open. Had some great food (the yummiest scallops I ever had), great company and great golf.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let the wild rumpus begin

I was hoping Addy would be different.
Our little gentle giant
sensitive but easy going
smiling and full of energy
wild head banging tantrum thrower
Evelyn always threw great tantrums. Insane at times. They always included a drop to the floor and bang her head as hard as she could on the tile, hardwood, concrete, anything that was hard. That girl always had bruises on her forehead. Apparently it runs in the family. Add Banger to Bubba's list of names. On the bright side, she is saying so much more. She tries to repeat everything you say and does quite well. Man, its like a light went on. Must be the smart light and tantrum light are on the same switch.

Gymnastics program 6/7/2008

Ok, so I'm almost a week late on this but Evelyn had her gymnastics program last Saturday morning. We decided Brian would take her and I stay back with Addy since she is such a handful these days. The downside to that is that I don't get to take pictures of her and share them with you. You see, Brian is the Worlds Worst Photographer. He actually holds the title. Point and click right? Seriously, how hard can it be?

I think this is Evelyn. Do you feel my pain?

Ok, so you can see her but whats up with the other set of white eyes on her cheeks?

Getting Better

Well, she did get a medal but Brian didn't get a picture of that. I really want to sign her up for the late Summer session but she keeps saying no. She loves it but apparentely doesn't want to be bothered by going to practice. Although, she keeps asking for a low bar to practice on at home. Don't think I will be running out and spending $400 on a low bar. Add a few hundred more for the emergency room visits.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby its hot outside

Friday, June 6, 2008
The weather here has been H O T. Our pool has finally warmed up and we have been living in it but the girls and I took a day off and went to a park one hour north with our neighbor Jean and her kids. It was a cool 96 so not the ideal day for this but it was worth it. The park was perfect for the girls. It had an enormous playground (which they had all to themselves), a carousel, train, paddle boats, nature center, gem mine, wildlife park, splash area, mini-golf and petting zoo. Evelyn chose the carousel first and we all jumped on. I hate the merry-go-rounds and Addy seems to agree. As soon as it started she let go and kept sliding off the horse while I braced myself between horses and her and prayed the ride would end without, well, you know. Fortunately it did. That was that last time for me. Evelyn had to go on by herself the next time. Addy liked the train ride much better. So did I. Both of them had a great time in the splash area. There was a small nature center that had all of the reptiles that are in our area. So I got to identify all of those lovely snakes I like so much. Saw our friend that was hanging out in our bush. Luckily he is non-venomous. Adeline went crazy over the fish. Oh, I almost forgot about the gem mine. Evelyn sifted through buckets in hopes to find some gold. Ok, at least some planted "gems". She found a handful and thought it was so cool. The day ended with some ice cream and feeding the ducks then we were off to the 101 degree truck and back home. We will definitely go back, maybe with Daddy next time. Thanks Jean for taking us to such a great park!

Wish this log cabin had A/C

Evelyn's Gems

Addy hanging with the fish

Adeline and Emelia

The girls re hydrating

The Ducks

Monday, June 2, 2008


Ok, so the mulch all got spread. All of our backs held up and hopefully Duane's hernia did too. It looks great but terrible to think it will all have to happen again next year unless we suck up the $900 extra bucks to have someone else do it on top of the $grand worth of mulch. What a nice vacation I could have for that money! Good news, no snake sightings that weekend but we did have a visitor yesterday. He didn't look so big when his head was sticking out of the bush but he showed his nice 4ft+ body when he decided to come out. Needless to say, my night was ruined and I got zero sleep thinking about that thing. Man I hate snakes! More like a phobia. Seriously, what are they good for!

The girls had a little melt down when Grandma & Grandpa left. I couldn't believe Addy cried, before Evelyn did. She did not want them to leave. Evelyn was trying to be brave but backed into the garage to pout and start crying so G & G couldn't see her. Poor thing. She just hates it when family leaves. She had a nice meltdown later that day and I had to just walk away from it knowing it was just aftermath. It always happens. It takes her a few days before she gets over it.
The girls have been enjoying the pools. Addy just goes crazy in the water. Evelyn is swimming well without any help but still refuses to go under water. The weather has been hot so we have been out there a lot. Had the neighborhood clan over today. It is nice to have all the kids about the same age to entertain each other.

Evelyn got a package from Grandma Delity today filled with a ton of stickers, necklace, book and a few other things. She felt so important and said "Grandma must really love me a lot to send me all of these stickers". The picture below is her holding up some of her favorites. Thank you Grandma!!!