Monday, June 2, 2008


Ok, so the mulch all got spread. All of our backs held up and hopefully Duane's hernia did too. It looks great but terrible to think it will all have to happen again next year unless we suck up the $900 extra bucks to have someone else do it on top of the $grand worth of mulch. What a nice vacation I could have for that money! Good news, no snake sightings that weekend but we did have a visitor yesterday. He didn't look so big when his head was sticking out of the bush but he showed his nice 4ft+ body when he decided to come out. Needless to say, my night was ruined and I got zero sleep thinking about that thing. Man I hate snakes! More like a phobia. Seriously, what are they good for!

The girls had a little melt down when Grandma & Grandpa left. I couldn't believe Addy cried, before Evelyn did. She did not want them to leave. Evelyn was trying to be brave but backed into the garage to pout and start crying so G & G couldn't see her. Poor thing. She just hates it when family leaves. She had a nice meltdown later that day and I had to just walk away from it knowing it was just aftermath. It always happens. It takes her a few days before she gets over it.
The girls have been enjoying the pools. Addy just goes crazy in the water. Evelyn is swimming well without any help but still refuses to go under water. The weather has been hot so we have been out there a lot. Had the neighborhood clan over today. It is nice to have all the kids about the same age to entertain each other.

Evelyn got a package from Grandma Delity today filled with a ton of stickers, necklace, book and a few other things. She felt so important and said "Grandma must really love me a lot to send me all of these stickers". The picture below is her holding up some of her favorites. Thank you Grandma!!!

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