Monday, June 16, 2008

Pop Star

Evelyn had a birthday party on Saturday at Sweet and Sassy. Its a place where they do their hair, makeup, nails and have them dress up or do a pop star theme. She had been there before for a princess party but this time it was the Pop Star theme. She liked this much better although she doesn't seem to favor either. She's not the princess type and not quite the Hannah Montanna type. More a Tom Boy than anything. After the girls had there "concert" on the runway and posed for their magazine cover we let Adeline hit the stage. I have a feeling that she will be more the princess type than Evelyn.

Evelyn and Birthday girl Lily
The Popettes (Evelyn front/left)
Getting ready for their magazine cover
All Ready
Getting hair, makeup and nails done
Addy hitting the runway
Unfortunately, my video wasn't working so I had to snap it on my phone. She is on the right.

After a fun party we had our neighbors over for a cookout and watch the US Open. Had some great food (the yummiest scallops I ever had), great company and great golf.

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