Friday, February 17, 2012

Jump Jump

She's finally got one of her own.  Believe it or not, Addy has always wanted one of these. She's hopped on one at her friends house for years, so for Valentines Day, we surprised her with one.  It was so nice out today that Brian set it up outside.  She was in bouncing heaven. It has a jump count and Evelyn made her get off it at 1025 jumps so she could have a turn. 

Of course Sissy had to get in on the action

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What I Want To Do

Evelyn's list of what she wants to do...

9   Go camping with my girl scouts
10 Keep being in girl scouts
11 Learn more about football
12 Get a cool cell phone
13 Become a teenager and get a friend like me
14 Make a garden and plant a tree
15 Get a job as a babysitter
16 Get a car and my drivers license
17 Go on a trip with my friend like me
18 Go to college and learn about Art
19 Keep studying Art
20 Make a stupendous painting
21 Show my painting
22 Get hired as an artist
23 Get a cat
24 Paint my cat, draw my cat
25 Explore and be ADVENTUROUS!

Got to love a 9 year old with a life plan! Hope she doesn't turn into one of those crazy cat people since her dad won't let her have one.