Friday, April 22, 2011

JDRF Walk 2011

Well, mother nature reared her ugly, untimely head and sent tornado warnings to the area so the JDRF walk had to be cancelled. We were so anxious for the day and when they cancelled at 5:30 that morning, we were disappointed to say the least.  I know, its just a walk.  But it had so much more meaning for us.  Everyone there had a connection to the experience we have been dealing with. Everyone there new of the frustration, sadness and hope. Our own little cult. A celebration of people coming together who were ready to find a cure for our children.

So I had myself a little pity party then realized that all those people had already come together for us!  People who donated, designed our video, made our t-shirts, made cakes and bread and donated all the proceeds, forwarded our video, sent us notes, traveled to be here, took time out of their Saturday to walk with us, those who wanted to be here and those that take care of Addy at school...just to name a few.  We have definitely been blessed. We couldn't do it without all of you.

So Bubba and Bunny's Brigade didn't walk. But we did so much more.
Not to mention that we raised


A nice little chunk of change!

So what we hope... that we don't have to walk next year. Because that would mean, we have a cure!

Some of our team met up for breakfast so we could still celebrate and take some photos. Thank you!

Oh, and Mother Nature..That was a dirty trick.  The day turned out to be a beautiful one.