Wednesday, February 17, 2010

100 Years Old

Evelyn writes stories all the time. They always bring a smile, smirk, and usually a loud laugh out.  I thought I would share this.  It is funny to be able to see what a child thinks of something. A glimpse into their thoughts. Thoughts of being old.

If I was 100 years old I would have crutches and stay inside all day and watch TV. I would have gray hair and big old bumps on my face. I would look very old.  I would watch boring TV shows and knit blankets and sweaters.  I would have a very little house.  My neighbor will visit me every day.  They will help me too!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Valentine

This year we decided to have a family valentines day instead of just the two of us. We started the morning with the girls looking for their Valentine present. My parents always hid our Easter basket and I liked that idea but we  usually are away at Easter.  So we have made it a tradition of hiding their Valentine’s present instead. With a little coaxing, they finally found them. One in the bathtub, one in the dryer.



Mommy even had to find her present but Addy quickly decided to use it for dress up.


After presents, we headed to the light rail for a train ride up to Pikes for brunch.

Girls on the trainIMG_6690

Being silly waiting for our table IMG_6705IMG_6703  



Back on the rail to Discovery Place, the local science museum.

IMG_6722 IMG_6724 

Fun at the museum

IMG_6799IMG_6745IMG_6761 IMG_6765 IMG_6768 IMG_6777 IMG_6799

Brian on a bed of nailsIMG_6788 IMG_6793 IMG_6796 


After the museum we walked over to daddy’s office. The girls loved seeing where daddy works and meets with other people.

Sitting at Daddy’s desk

IMG_6831    IMG_6828

Standing on the credenza looking out of Daddy’s office window.


View of Panthers stadium from office, 39 floors up


Monday, February 15, 2010

Three with nature

Sunday February 7, 2010

While Daddy was off on his annual Super Bowl Golf Outing, the girls and I took a ride uptown to the nature museum. Its so much fun hanging “just the girls”. The museum was not what we expected but we still had fun being silly and checking out the creatures that live in our area.

 IMG_6545 IMG_6488IMG_6533IMG_6489IMG_6549IMG_6541   IMG_6490 IMG_6495 IMG_6519

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Fun

We woke up to a white wonderland and after a quick breakfast, we headed out to play.  Luckily I remembered we had an antique toboggan we use for decoration, otherwise we would have been sled less. The girls had a great time and I got to take some photos.

IMG_6584IMG_6673  IMG_6597

IMG_6618 IMG_6635 IMG_6663 IMG_6665 IMG_6669 IMG_6609

Monday, February 8, 2010

To Nap or Not to Nap

That is the question.

Nap… she is bouncing off the walls and doesn’t want to sleep at 8pm.

No nap…she is asleep while eating dinner before 6pm, not to mention Angry Addy. Trust me, you don’t want to see Angry Addy, she’s not pleasant.

IMG_6568 IMG_6565