Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Off to Kindergarten

Addy was smiling ear to ear on her first day of Kindergarten (today).  Mommy is doing ok, albeit very nervous and keeping the phone attached to my body at all times.  Sending Addy off to school is complicated.  Her teacher is wonderful but bringing Type 1 Diabetes to school with a kindergartener is very stressful! There are so many "what if's" and instructions for her teacher.  Unfortunately there isn't too many black and white instructions.  So many gray areas and factors involved in Addy's day to day care.  Please wish Addy & her teacher luck today and every day during this learning curve.

she has shorts on under her skirt, just looks like the other:)

School is here

Back to school really snuck up on us.  The Summer was filled with fun and leisure and schedules were unheard of.  6:15a.m. felt like 3a.m. and we are back to the schedules (school, hip hop, soccer, gymnastics, Girl Scouts & homework).  Well off Evelyn went, onto 4th grade.   More brave than I ever was.  Kindergarteners are on staggered days this week so Addy has to wait until Tuesday. Can't believe    how my babies are all grown up!

Off she goes

I don't know why but this picture refuses to rotate

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Uptown with Daddy

Thursday we met Daddy uptown for lunch.  Of course I was thinking someplace new but the girls picked the old stand-by Jason's Deli.  Uptown was busy with all the "glaming up" for the DNC. We won't go near uptown for that, even though the girls would like to see Uncle Bom Bom (Obama) as Addy calls him.  I told her she may need to start saying Uncle Mitt as much as that scares me.  After lunch, Daddy had some time to kill before a meeting so we went up to his office for a little silly time.  Don't mind my grainy cell phone pics!

Meeting Daddy for Lunch

Daddy's Office

View of the Panthers Practice Field from Brian's Office

Do you want fries with that?

View out his other window of
Panthers Stadium

30 floors up

Leaving Daddy some drawings

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dish It Out

For the girls last few days of freedom we've been trying to keep them busy and do some things they have been begging to do.  So Wednesday, after some morning errands, I took the girls to Dish It Out, a paint your own pottery place.  I will put pictures up when they are fired.
picking out her paint

Bubba's cupcake box

All done, now we wait a few days until they are fired.