Sunday, August 26, 2012

Uptown with Daddy

Thursday we met Daddy uptown for lunch.  Of course I was thinking someplace new but the girls picked the old stand-by Jason's Deli.  Uptown was busy with all the "glaming up" for the DNC. We won't go near uptown for that, even though the girls would like to see Uncle Bom Bom (Obama) as Addy calls him.  I told her she may need to start saying Uncle Mitt as much as that scares me.  After lunch, Daddy had some time to kill before a meeting so we went up to his office for a little silly time.  Don't mind my grainy cell phone pics!

Meeting Daddy for Lunch

Daddy's Office

View of the Panthers Practice Field from Brian's Office

Do you want fries with that?

View out his other window of
Panthers Stadium

30 floors up

Leaving Daddy some drawings

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Dave said...

Very cute! Looks like they both had a great time with dad.