Saturday, March 28, 2009

Daddys Birthday

Brian turned 43 on Thursday. He has been working hard and long hours and is a bit exhausted and his birthday was no exception. Knowing Thursday would be difficult between Brian working late and Evelyn's gymnastics, we decided to have his birthday dinner the night before. Brian's mom was nice enough to give me her lasagna recipe and Evelyn and I had fun making it for him. We didn't have time to make a cake that day so we made some chocolate covered strawberries and saved the cake for his birthday.

On Thursday I baked a cake and then waited for Evelyn to get home to frost and decorate it. Brian got home at 7:30 and while he sat down to eat dinner, we plopped his cake in front of him so we could sing and let the girls have cake and ice cream before they went to bed.

Chef E

Evelyn's Cake Decorating

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gone Too Soon

Our prayers go out to Brian's cousin Jolene and her family. We know what an amazing person Mary Ann was and will forever keep her in our hearts. God Bless her family and all that were touched by her.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gonna Catch Me A Leprechaun

You'd think it was Christmas in our house. Evelyn came home in a fury about Leprechauns. Apparently at school they really talked them up. A Leprechaun even came in their classroom while they were gone and tipped over chairs, left Leprechaun dust (glitter), ripped their St. Patricks Day drawings and put gold coins in each of their cubbies. She is sure it was a Leprechaun, the most mischievous of them all. A boy on her bus said he caught one and killed it.


So between being scared and anxious to catch one herself, a trap was set!

The evil leprechaun

We Caught Us A Leprechaun!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Two Top Toddlers

Just some cute photos of Addy and her friend Riley from this afternoon with their top hats and corn cob pipes.

A Snowman/girl Named Just Skip

After two days of rain all day long, we had our third snow day this year. Of course it has to come on a school day. You know what that means.......snowman or snowgirl making with Evelyn. I affectionately named her "Tilt" but Evelyn said NO. She must be named Skip Elmore Brown. A very girly name don't you think?

catching snowflake Sunday night

We spent 90% of our weekend inside due to the rain. Only a short trip out to the gym on Saturday. When I came home at 11 a.m., this is what I found. Brian picked her up, changed her diaper and clothes and she still didn't wake up. Evelyn and I tie-dyed two shirts while Daddy cleaned out the storage closet. Big doings in our house. We have hired a contractor to do some remodeling for us. I'll give you more info later, but we're pretty excited!