Thursday, October 29, 2009


It was time for a much needed haircut for the girls. Evelyn’s had finally grown out enough to get it “fixed” from the hack job Great Clips did to it. My hairstylist had attempted to fix it right after the mangling, but it was so short, she had to just even it out. This time she was able to blend it and make it more of what we wanted in the first place. Lesson learned! We will stick to my lady.

But this was Addy’s first haircut! Can you be it. Two and 3/4’s old! I was always so nervous since she has such a nice wave and soft curls. But, it was time. Her hair was getting stuck in her armpit and peaking out the front.

I completely forgot my camera (brain wasn’t functioning so well from the late night b-day celebration), so forgive me for the awful cell phone pictures.

haircut2 haircut1


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October Weekend 2

We managed to get a nice day on our 2nd October weekend and we let the girls decide where to go. They picked the Lazy 5 Ranch. Does this sign look familiar?


 IMG_3278IMG_3299IMG_3315IMG_3249_edited-1IMG_3433   IMG_3387 IMG_3375IMG_3385IMG_3384IMG_3392 IMG_3399 IMG_3405

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October weekends 1

Where or where has my little Fall gone? Or where or where could it be? We went from hot Summer to freezing Winter. Yes, my blood has thinned since we moved here but going from high 80’s to 40’s & 50’s make me miss my favorite time of year. Time for the light sweater or vest with a long sleeve. Time to take hikes without worrying so much about the snakes. By the way, they are a little confused with the weather too. Time for our annual Fall /birthday/mountain trip not to include snow and highs of 39f.  Time for me to take pictures of the beautiful fall colors. Come on Weather! Time for me to get on with the point!

We have been finding our Fall plans to be dangling on the weather. Taking each day/weekend at a time instead of planning ahead.  We have been able to salvage some days. Our first weekend we took the kids to Carowinds which is the local amusement park. They had an amazing time. Brian and I did too, up until the twirling balloon ride from hell!


 IMG_3184 IMG_3097 IMG_3102 IMG_3139 IMG_3145 IMG_3172 IMG_3174

Monday, October 26, 2009

porch fun

Well my birthday weekend proved to be a tiring one. Dinner and drinks with friends on Friday, then out again with a couple girlfriends on Saturday night uptown. I have never seen Charlotte so busy. A big enormous Halloween party was going on at one of the bars; the streets were packed with Bills fans in town for the game; and a black tie event was happening at the theater. What a mix of characters. Evening gowns and tux, to Bills paraphernalia, to the wildest costumes you can imagine. It was quite a show.  After a late dinner we grabbed a front row window seat at an Irish Pub to people watch. The best people watching event I’ve seen in a while. After two very late nights in a row, yesterday was a low-key day with just the girls (Daddy was gone all day with his fraternity bro’s at the Panthers/Bills game).  So after some breakfast and playing with their new goody bags from the babysitter and her family, we headed to the front porch to hang some spider webbing for Halloween. The girls picked a lovely color of green instead of the white Mommy would have picked. 

Later we hit Sports Connections (where Evelyn’s 5th b-day party was) with my friend Jean and her kids Ethan and Emelia. The kids bounced hard so we grabbed some food with four very tired kiddos. Probably a mistake in hind sight since mine were so well behaved, not!

 IMG_3560IMG_3589 IMG_3568 IMG_3569 IMG_3574 IMG_3580 IMG_3588

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Goodies

A happy day in the Brown house is when the Annual Halloween baskets from Uncle Dave arrive. I looked back at last years package arrival and can’t believe how much the girls have changed. One thing that doesn’t change, the excitement of ripping them open and diving into all the goodies. As you can see from the pictures, Addy loves her candy necklaces and “smokers”. “Uncle Dave sure does spoil us!” says Evelyn. Oh, and Addy still sleeps with the baby in a lamb costume from last year.

IMG_2702 IMG_2694 IMG_2695  IMG_2697IMG_2698  IMG_2699 IMG_2696IMG_2700