Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October weekends 1

Where or where has my little Fall gone? Or where or where could it be? We went from hot Summer to freezing Winter. Yes, my blood has thinned since we moved here but going from high 80’s to 40’s & 50’s make me miss my favorite time of year. Time for the light sweater or vest with a long sleeve. Time to take hikes without worrying so much about the snakes. By the way, they are a little confused with the weather too. Time for our annual Fall /birthday/mountain trip not to include snow and highs of 39f.  Time for me to take pictures of the beautiful fall colors. Come on Weather! Time for me to get on with the point!

We have been finding our Fall plans to be dangling on the weather. Taking each day/weekend at a time instead of planning ahead.  We have been able to salvage some days. Our first weekend we took the kids to Carowinds which is the local amusement park. They had an amazing time. Brian and I did too, up until the twirling balloon ride from hell!


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