Sunday, June 26, 2011

Treehouse Vineyards

Who would think that Monroe, NC would have a winery? Not me or any of my friends. But they do.  In fact, the joke was "are you sure it isn't a barn with some moonshine".  As skeptical as we were, Brian and I decided to go on a "day date" and check out the place. We got a great deal on Living Social that included the wine tastings, 2 souvenir wine glasses, a winery tour, a bottle of wine & a 4-hour rental of the "date treehouse". Unfortunately, the treehouse wasn't available for our date, but we packed a picnic lunch anyways and headed out. For $39, we couldn't go wrong. And we didn't. 

The vineyard is small and the winery even smaller, but the charm of the place and the people are what makes it work.  Its rather new and a bit raw, but I see us coming back here again and again.  SavorNC and Charlotte Weddings magazine did their photo shoot there for June/July magazine. 

The tastings were good. On the sweeter side for me but I think some good Summer sippers. After six tastings, a few rounds of my new favorite game and some fun talk with the owners, we headed out for our picnic on the deck and stroll through the vineyards. 

I was in picture taking heaven. Brian may have gotten the short end of our date, but wifey was very happy.

Winery begger

Camera play with vineyard out of focus
and with it in focus

The Overnight Treehouse Rental

Bailey after he drank my wine
Bailey about to eat Brian's shirt

The magazines pic

Our pic.The poser (Same building as above)

All the wine we drank while we were there:)

We'll be back with kids in tow next time to enjoy the treehouse and get some pictures with the girls.