Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Evelyn

Just a few late pictures from Evelyns birthday. She requested Mexican food so we took her to On the Border for dinner and dessert then came home to open presents.

The girls on Evelyn's new cartwheel mat

Opening presents

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birthday Rock

This is the rock we painted at Evelyn's school last night in the dark. Addy and I came in with cupcakes to celebrate with her classroom. I'm not sure who had more fun, Evelyn or Evelyn's classmates playing with Adeline. Bubba fit right in and was a big hit. Evelyn is a bit sad, she was hoping to feel like six but still only feels 5. Hoping to get a picture of the rock with Evelyn but the rain has started and it doesn't look like it is supposed to end today. When Daddy gets home we are off to dinner. Maybe she'll feel like 6 tomorrow.

Do you know?

Do you know that Evelyn...............................

Is still sucking her thumb
Is a huge worry wart
Still says "hostibal" when trying to say hospital
Loves her stuffed animals and sleeps with a handful each night.
Says her best friend is Addy...ahhhh
Tries to match anything that Addy is wearing.
The place she most wants to go is Kansas (or as she says, "Kansdis")
Desperately wants to take off her training wheels.
Listens for Addy to wake up and then plays with her in her crib.

Gets mad at me if I don't give her enough time to play with Addy in the crib.

Has been in gymnastics for a year but still can't do a cartwheel.

Has the most gorgeous eyes

Gets frustrated easily just like her mommy

Likes to watches football with her daddy and roots for the team playing that is closest to us.

Loves school

Is the absolute best big sister

Loves pink pink and more pink

Is not into barbies or princessy things

Loves making crafts and doing mazes

Hung from the monkey bars at the park for 106 seconds

Finally agreed to let me get her hair cut

Hasn't lost any of her baby teeth

Eats peanut butter everyday

We can't believe it has been six years since you made your amazing entrance into this world.
Happy Birthday Evelyn Rose!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bye Bye Crib

Ok, its 7:40 and my darling Addy is still sleeping. Does she know that today is the day she moves to her big girl bed and the crib will no longer be? Does she not want to leave the coziness of bars all around her? I hope she is ready because we have people coming to look at the crib this morning to see if they want to buy it. It is a sad day. I think I will have a harder time than she will. That crib holds so many memories. Keep your fingers crossed! We'll see who makes out better, me or Addy. I'll keep you posted.
Ok, the crib sold and so did her rocking chair. Wish us luck tonight!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gearing Up

Well this will be a busy week. The countdown is on. Big #6 is only two days away but it feels like the entire week will be filled with preparation. Evelyn and I spent the morning together painting pottery at Dish It Out. I will take pictures of them when we pick them up after being fired.

Tomorrow we have to paint the rock in front of Evelyn's school. She's always wanted it painted for her on her birthday so we get to do this at 6pm, in the dark. Nice. The sad thing is by 6pm the next night, it will be gone with the next kids birthday. Somehow, we need to be uptown by 6:30 to see the Animal Walk. The circus is coming to town and they walk the animals down the street from the trucks they came in to the stadium. So we need to figure out who is doing what since I'm not painting a rock at 9pm.

Then the Big Day. I need to be at school to have lunch with her, then back there 40 minutes later to have cupcakes. This should be a lot of fun since Addy is off that day and she will be with me entertaining Evelyn's class. The birthday girl has requested quesadillas and ice cream for dinner so we will probably hit a Mexican restaurant. If that is not enough, Friday night is her Sleepover where she is having a couple friends over. Then, to end the week long celebration, we're off to the circus on Saturday morning.

Catching up

Times flying by as usual and I have a few minutes to catch up with the latest happenings.

Tuesday, January 20th.................................

Well we asked for it and we got it....snow! Not much, about 2 inches but enough to make it a fun day off. School was cancelled and the neighborhood was out to play. We bundled Evelyn and Addy up as much as possible seeing that we don't have snow attire. Addy had never seen snow and she loved it. It was super cold but she was a trooper. I'd say they lasted an hour out there before Evelyn started complaining her feet hurt bad. She only had rain boots on poor thing.

Not ready to stopped playing we dried up and went to the neighbors for a play date and for the grownups to watch the Inauguration. As Evelyn says, Rock Obama. Apparently, she voted for him. That's what she told me. After playing and having lunch, we put Addy down for a nap and E and I went back outside in hopes to build a snowman. It was a poor attempt but we did manage something (as you will see in the pictures). We named him Worm. He didn't last long because two of the boys in the neighborhood asked to play with E and destroy Mr. Worm. She thought she was so cool that these older boys wanted to play with her. It was so nice to see them being nice to her and even gently throwing the snowballs. Pretty good for 5th grade boys! Thanks Wyatt and Zack!

Evelyn, Jack, Ashlyn & Addy

Worm and Evelyn

Snowflake Addy

Snow with a little flavoring


So Friday, Evelyn was supposed to have off from school, but since they had a snow day on Tuesday, they made them go. Not a happy camper but I promised her that we would spend Monday (another teacher workday) together just the two of us.

Something came over Addy today and she wanted nothing to do with a nap. She spent over an hour up in her crib partying before I went up and got her. So off course, by 5 she was exhausted. I put a movie on for them while I made dinner and a few minutes later she was out. Classic.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Can You Guess?

So, What do you think?
Frosting? It does look a lot like her birthday cake photo.

Hippy, thanks Aunt Lauri. That colored chapstick is so wonderful!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tid Bits

Where's the snow? Seriously, if its going to be this cold, give us some snow. Evelyn is really itching to get some. There is a 20% chance on Monday which means a few minutes of light snow then rain the rest of the day, IF we get any.

Can I just say Oh My Cow! in honor of the Miracle on the Hudson. Evelyn and I were glued to the TV yesterday watching from the minute they broke-in with the news. Truly amazing.

Evelyn's thoughts:
"Those people are going to want to give that pilot a hundred thousand presents."
"I thought they were going to die and no way to help them."
"Why are they still talking about it, that happened yesterday?"
I guess a 5 (almost 6) year old doesn't get the magnitude of this. We will save todays paper for her so she can look back and remember.
Oh, just in case you don't know, Evelyn used to say Oh My Cow for the longest time. We still say it throughout the family.

Halihops = lollipops
Another one of Addy's hodge podge words that I love to hear her say.

Day 7
Today is the 7th day the girls are on their meds. Last Friday we took E to have her ears checked and while I was there decided to have them look at Addys too. Well, Evelyn had and ear infection and Addy had strep throat. A few more days left of gnarly faces, struggling with the syringe and hearing Addy say "Disgusting". Not to mention the side effects that create havoc in the diapers.

Breakfast for a Queen

Addy got some princess jewelry for her birthday and ever since, it has joined in her morning routine. Grabbing Bunny, hippy (chapstick) and her jewels is the first thing on her mind. Today she was determined more than ever and all of it was staying on her while she had breakfast. All hail Bubba. A Queens lips must always me smooth

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bubba's Birthday

My amazing child. My crazy, insane, full of live, gorgeous dimpled, smart, overactive, never a dull moment Adeline. Happy 2nd Birthday. I can't believe that it has been two years since you came into our lives. You bring incredible joy and enormous smiles to us every single moment of every day. We love you Bubba!

We celebrated Addy's 2nd birthday on Saturday the 27th with a few of our friends and their kids. It was pure chaos but Addy seemed to love it. Next year we may have a quiet celebration with family or celebrate her half birthday this Summer, outdoors where there is room to run wild.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday Whirlwind

Wow, I can't believe the holidays were here and gone. The mad rush to get ready for the holidays were all forgotten when the actual holiday was here. We had a wonderful whirlwind. Tim and Lauri came for a few days before Christmas to spend some time with us and the girls. It was a great visit, albiet short. Addys 2nd birthday was on the 22nd and she got to open a few gifts then but we were having her party on the Saturday after Christmas. More about that later. Tim and Lauri were off on the 23rd and the next round came in, my brother and nephew, then my parents. We had a great time and visit and the girls were far too spoiled. Everyone left on Sunday and we had a moment to ourselves to take down the tree, do laundry and pack for Florida. Monday a.m. we started Christmas #2 by driving to FL. Again, a wonderful trip and visit with Brian's family. Fun day trips to the beach and parks, great food, late nights, late mornings and lots of attention made coming home very hard for the girls especially E. Back to reality and the daily grind. Thanks for a great holiday everyone!
New Years Dinner at Riverside in Ormond, FL

Addy's 2nd Birthday

Family Photo in front of Wachovia Tree