Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do you know?

Do you know that Evelyn...............................

Is still sucking her thumb
Is a huge worry wart
Still says "hostibal" when trying to say hospital
Loves her stuffed animals and sleeps with a handful each night.
Says her best friend is Addy...ahhhh
Tries to match anything that Addy is wearing.
The place she most wants to go is Kansas (or as she says, "Kansdis")
Desperately wants to take off her training wheels.
Listens for Addy to wake up and then plays with her in her crib.

Gets mad at me if I don't give her enough time to play with Addy in the crib.

Has been in gymnastics for a year but still can't do a cartwheel.

Has the most gorgeous eyes

Gets frustrated easily just like her mommy

Likes to watches football with her daddy and roots for the team playing that is closest to us.

Loves school

Is the absolute best big sister

Loves pink pink and more pink

Is not into barbies or princessy things

Loves making crafts and doing mazes

Hung from the monkey bars at the park for 106 seconds

Finally agreed to let me get her hair cut

Hasn't lost any of her baby teeth

Eats peanut butter everyday

We can't believe it has been six years since you made your amazing entrance into this world.
Happy Birthday Evelyn Rose!

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