Monday, January 26, 2009

Catching up

Times flying by as usual and I have a few minutes to catch up with the latest happenings.

Tuesday, January 20th.................................

Well we asked for it and we got it....snow! Not much, about 2 inches but enough to make it a fun day off. School was cancelled and the neighborhood was out to play. We bundled Evelyn and Addy up as much as possible seeing that we don't have snow attire. Addy had never seen snow and she loved it. It was super cold but she was a trooper. I'd say they lasted an hour out there before Evelyn started complaining her feet hurt bad. She only had rain boots on poor thing.

Not ready to stopped playing we dried up and went to the neighbors for a play date and for the grownups to watch the Inauguration. As Evelyn says, Rock Obama. Apparently, she voted for him. That's what she told me. After playing and having lunch, we put Addy down for a nap and E and I went back outside in hopes to build a snowman. It was a poor attempt but we did manage something (as you will see in the pictures). We named him Worm. He didn't last long because two of the boys in the neighborhood asked to play with E and destroy Mr. Worm. She thought she was so cool that these older boys wanted to play with her. It was so nice to see them being nice to her and even gently throwing the snowballs. Pretty good for 5th grade boys! Thanks Wyatt and Zack!

Evelyn, Jack, Ashlyn & Addy

Worm and Evelyn

Snowflake Addy

Snow with a little flavoring


So Friday, Evelyn was supposed to have off from school, but since they had a snow day on Tuesday, they made them go. Not a happy camper but I promised her that we would spend Monday (another teacher workday) together just the two of us.

Something came over Addy today and she wanted nothing to do with a nap. She spent over an hour up in her crib partying before I went up and got her. So off course, by 5 she was exhausted. I put a movie on for them while I made dinner and a few minutes later she was out. Classic.

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