Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday Whirlwind

Wow, I can't believe the holidays were here and gone. The mad rush to get ready for the holidays were all forgotten when the actual holiday was here. We had a wonderful whirlwind. Tim and Lauri came for a few days before Christmas to spend some time with us and the girls. It was a great visit, albiet short. Addys 2nd birthday was on the 22nd and she got to open a few gifts then but we were having her party on the Saturday after Christmas. More about that later. Tim and Lauri were off on the 23rd and the next round came in, my brother and nephew, then my parents. We had a great time and visit and the girls were far too spoiled. Everyone left on Sunday and we had a moment to ourselves to take down the tree, do laundry and pack for Florida. Monday a.m. we started Christmas #2 by driving to FL. Again, a wonderful trip and visit with Brian's family. Fun day trips to the beach and parks, great food, late nights, late mornings and lots of attention made coming home very hard for the girls especially E. Back to reality and the daily grind. Thanks for a great holiday everyone!
New Years Dinner at Riverside in Ormond, FL

Addy's 2nd Birthday

Family Photo in front of Wachovia Tree

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