Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So Ashamed

This is what I have been enjoying the last two weeks. Doesn't it look delicious? It's not. Chalky, and no taste. It's one of my main consumptions in my 21 day purification/cleanse. 10lbs. That is what I am down.

But today.....

I broke!
I couldn't take it anymore!
I'm only human!
I had to have it!
It was calling my name!
No, not a big bowl of ice cream or cookies I see the girls devour. Not the loads of crunchy snacks in our pantry.


I'm so ashamed.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

This Is My Dad by Evelyn

This is My Dad. He is the coolest. He does cool tricks with me in our pool

He puts up with Addy and my silliness.

He teaches us how to swim.

He likes my new shaggy hair cut.

Aren't we cute?
He finally relaxes by the pool with us.

Even Bunny catches a few rays

He plays ball with me
As told by Evelyn:
My dad looks the handsomest when: He goes to work because he wears a colorful tie and a longsleeve shirt and jacket.
My dad is good at: Making quesadillas and chocolate milk.
I like it when my dad: Pumps up my kiddy pool because I love to play in it when it is Summer.
I help my dad when: He mows the lawn I get on the lawn mower.
Thank you, Dad, for: Making the money. I love it so mom can buy me some clothes for me.
The last one is classic, don't you think?
Happy Father's Day!
A late Mother's Day posting here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And I Sits Here

Ok, so that is a family inside joke but, right now, I do.

I sit here next to my beautiful snoring first born. I sit and watch her so peaceful after an emotional day. I sit and wonder where the year went and how my little girl can now be a Kindergarten graduate. That's right, she was officially promoted to 1st grade today. Her last day of kindergarten and as promised, I would have a slumber party with her. But after some fun at the Y pool, she tuckered much sooner than expected, giving me a few minutes here. So I sit here, in amazement of this blonde, brown eyed girl who has grown so much in a school year. And I smile. And maybe a tear. Love you E!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Did you know - EVELYN

Lost her 2nd tooth on Thursday after gymnastics and;

  • two big teeth are halfway through already
  • the tooth fairy forgot to make an appearance that night since it was 8:30pm when her tooth wiggled/(was hanked) its way out, but she/he did arrive the next night. That silly fairy.

Wants to be an astronaut when she grows up.

Loves to play connect four.

Is still trying to stop sucking her thumb and even Addy yells at her when she sees her sucking it.
("Stop sucking thumb sissy")

Was awarded the Most Improved in her class by her excellent teacher Ms. Jenkins. Both Ms Jenkins and I cried.

Peanut butter is still her most requested food with cheese quesadillas coming in 2nd.

Only has 8 more days of kindergarten then she will be a rising 1st Grader. Can you believe it?

Gets Addy dressed, plays with her for an hour, then comes downstairs and makes her breakfast on the weekends. All while Mommy and Daddy sleep in. Yes, you can say it...Mother Hen. Of course she always dresses her to match her outfit.

Matching as usual
At least she's not the only one with fingers in her mouth!
Being silly before gymnastics

Receiving her award
Connect four anyone?