Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reflection and thoughts from Mother's Day

I started this post way back so excuse the delay!

Don't we need more mothers days. Seriously, why aren't there more of these? Not just for the fact that the family attempts to make you feel more important or special. Ok, maybe just for that! Did I say that? But also for me to sit back and appreciate my amazing family and how lucky I am. To relax and not fly off the handle when my child refuses to ........(you fill in the blank) for the hundredth time. Maybe once a month, that would work for me. What do you think? Your right, once a week is better.

Early Mother's Day morning I was fast asleep. Enjoying my extra minutes of shut-eye when Brian wakes me to ask if Reynolds Wrap in the blue box, marked aluminum foil, is actually foil. Seriously? What would they do without me? Have to actually open the box to find out? Ah, the importance of me. So much for sleeping in.

Our mothers day weekend was spent cleaning our construction ravaged house. But Evelyn and I did sneak out for some strawberry picking. It was her first time and my first time as an adult. We had so much fun. Making the jam was fun too. It would have been even better if it had the consistency of jam and not syrup! Oh well, maybe next year I will do it right. It wasn't a total loss. The eight jars make a delicious topping to ice cream and yogurt.

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