Thursday, May 21, 2009

End of the 1's

So once again I've proved that I am bad about journaling and staying on top of keeping you all updated. I'd like to blame my brain being fried on our renovations, but I think my brain has never recovered since Adeline started taking my brain cells in utero. Or, maybe it is the fact that I liked my cheap beer too much in my 20's. We'll never know! So after today I will have to back track what has been happening here. Today..........its all about Bubba. Yesterday was her last day of preschool. Can you believe it? This year has flown by. I don't think she understands the summer break thing. She loves going to school so I'm curious to see how she reacts. For her last day, we hit the park with the rest of the 1 -3 year olds. Although she did seem to have a good time, she has been having stomach issues lately and asked to leave after 45 minutes. Poor thing. She hasn't been feeling the best for a few days now. Not too many kids I know ask to leave the park.

There's a smile
Smiles gone

Addy's teacher Ms. Linz

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