Saturday, May 2, 2009

remodel update

Looks different doesn't it! All that is left in this room is installing the ceiling fan/light and can recessed light covers, then finish painting the trim and we should be done. I found this cool light/fan called a fan delier. It looks like a chandelier and the fan and motor are hidden. Hope it looks good in there. Carpet is supposed to be installed this week in all the rooms upstairs. The new bonus room won't be ready by then so that will have to wait until the new window is installed. The remodel is starting to get to all of us (except Addy maybe). I hate having people in my house everyday, Brian hates the disorder and mess and Evelyn hates that she can't have play dates over. Addy seems to like the empty living room and uses it as her dance floor.
Brian and I spent the day at the Quail Hollow golf tournament (previously known as The Wachovia) that we have gone to for the past few years while E & A had a long day with the neighbors and sitter. They were exhausted when we picked them up at 6:30. Brian threw them in the tub and got them ready for bed. Addy was so tired that she fell asleep standing up while Brian brushed her teeth. A day of fun for all.

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