Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mini Egg Hunt

Time got away from us this year and we didn’t get a Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt organized. So Saturday, we grabbed some friends in the neighborhood and did a mini hunt.  Everyone was awesome and filled just some eggs with candy and the rest with trinkets, bracelets, etc.  Even so, Addy managed to sneak a few chocolates to raise her BS up high.  Turns out big sister said she could have the kit kat when we weren’t looking. 

We are off to the beach this weekend where the girls can participate in a big Easter Egg Hunt at the resort.

Here are a few shots from The Hunt.

 IMG_7189 IMG_7213 IMG_7194 IMG_7199 IMG_7201 IMG_7204 IMG_7191IMG_7209IMG_7218 IMG_7219 IMG_7223 IMG_7247IMG_7229 IMG_7237 IMG_7240

Go Fly a Kite

It has been pretty breezy here lately so we pulled out a cheap kite to see if it can get some air time. Not quite windy enough, or maybe its just the extremely small cheap kite. Regardless, the girls had lots of fun chasing it and running around.  Hope we will have better luck at the beach this weekend.  Notice how big sis still has to match what lil sis is wearing.

IMG_7186 IMG_7158 IMG_7170 IMG_7173 IMG_7181 IMG_7184

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Build a Bear

Evelyn was in need of some “Me” time  for some time now and after all the attention going to Addy, she really needed it.  I asked her if she was ok and did she get her allergy medicine. She quickly snapped, “you don’t need to worry about me, you just need to worry about Addy”. In writing that sounds so sweet. But, in reality, it was pretty blunt.  So on Sunday we gave her two choices of what we could do.  She had been bugging about going to a pottery studio again and to Build-a-Bear.  Pushing her for the latter, she agreed Addy would be better with a bear than a breakable dish. 

As you read below, you instantly see the difference between the girls.  You also see who is like her Dad and who is like Mom.

Adeline walks in, selects the stuffed animal of her choice and moves on to the fluff. Her choice: a yellow chick. Total time one minute with us saying, “are you sure, what about this or that”.  Evelyn takes 10 minutes, goes back and forth and still isn’t confident with her choice. Her selection: The most expensive ICarly bear.

On to fluff. Addy, in and out ready to pick out her outfit, skipping the grooming station entirely. Evelyn: goes through all the sounds, again picks the most expensive one, fluffs then grooms.  Now the outfits, and Evelyn has her eye on everything. “I want skates $8, tiara & wand $6, shoes $6, dress $7, chair $8, bed $8.  Addy: Heads straight to the doctor scrubs and that is it. We show her other outfits, but she is adamant. She wants the green scrubs. Entire outfit: scrubs, mask, hat, shoe covers and x-ray - $10. Sweet! 

Names:  Again, Addy is decisive: Doc.  Evelyn doesn’t know, gives it a temporary name for the birth certificate but states, “she will have another name, I just don’t know!”

Check out:  $102. Gulp.

By the way, doesn’t it melt your heart that Addy went for the doctor outfit?

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me so these cell phone pictures will have to do.

buildabear3 buildabear buildabear2

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adeline - Type 1

I never thought that is how I would describe Adeline. She’s a crazy, silly, wild, decisive, loud, full of life child. A mix of Type A & B. Not Type 1.

Thursday, March 18th changed that. We had noticed Addy drinking excessive amounts, extreme urination, wetting her bed and constantly hungry.  But today she was lethargic and complaining her head and stomach hurt.  At the doctors office they confirmed our suspicions. Her blood sugar was off the charts and her urine showed Ketones which told us her body was in trouble and using fat and muscle for energy instead of the food she was eating. 

On to the Emergency Room.  I swung by and grabbed Evelyn from school then raced to the hospital where Brian was waiting.  They immediately brought her back and started the process. By then, she was really exhausted and grumpy. But she barely said a word. Even when the IV had to be done three times. She cried briefly when that was going on but was very still and sober. Actually, that was the best way to describe her all day, sober.

After a quick education from the ER doctors, the pediatric endocrinologist came in and gave us a thorough look at what we were dealing with before being admitted for her/our two night stay.

Addy was amazing the entire time. From stranger after stranger coming in checking her vitals and poking her with needles, to grabbing the needle from the nurse and plunging it herself.  This girl rocks! And she continues to rock at home. My heart cries and smiles at the same time for this child.

So what are we looking at? 5 shots a day, at least 5 finger sticks to check her blood sugar level, urine testing, carb counting and modify her eating habits. That is a good day. Bad days, I don’t want to think about. And we have a lot to learn to make sure she stays in the best health possible.

What does a Type 1 Diabetic look like?

Like This…


And ThisIMG_7152

IMG_7097 IMG_7125 IMG_7129 IMG_7148

IMG_7154 emergency2 IMG_7099 IMG_7108 IMG_7116

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Park Photos

Finally some nice days where we can enjoy the outdoors before the pollen hits.IMG_6959 IMG_6963 IMG_6967 IMG_7021IMG_6971 IMG_6983 IMG_6988 IMG_7002 IMG_7018 IMG_7019  IMG_7030 IMG_7033

IMG_7039 IMG_7046 IMG_7051 IMG_7086IMG_7065 IMG_7075 IMG_7078