Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adeline - Type 1

I never thought that is how I would describe Adeline. She’s a crazy, silly, wild, decisive, loud, full of life child. A mix of Type A & B. Not Type 1.

Thursday, March 18th changed that. We had noticed Addy drinking excessive amounts, extreme urination, wetting her bed and constantly hungry.  But today she was lethargic and complaining her head and stomach hurt.  At the doctors office they confirmed our suspicions. Her blood sugar was off the charts and her urine showed Ketones which told us her body was in trouble and using fat and muscle for energy instead of the food she was eating. 

On to the Emergency Room.  I swung by and grabbed Evelyn from school then raced to the hospital where Brian was waiting.  They immediately brought her back and started the process. By then, she was really exhausted and grumpy. But she barely said a word. Even when the IV had to be done three times. She cried briefly when that was going on but was very still and sober. Actually, that was the best way to describe her all day, sober.

After a quick education from the ER doctors, the pediatric endocrinologist came in and gave us a thorough look at what we were dealing with before being admitted for her/our two night stay.

Addy was amazing the entire time. From stranger after stranger coming in checking her vitals and poking her with needles, to grabbing the needle from the nurse and plunging it herself.  This girl rocks! And she continues to rock at home. My heart cries and smiles at the same time for this child.

So what are we looking at? 5 shots a day, at least 5 finger sticks to check her blood sugar level, urine testing, carb counting and modify her eating habits. That is a good day. Bad days, I don’t want to think about. And we have a lot to learn to make sure she stays in the best health possible.

What does a Type 1 Diabetic look like?

Like This…


And ThisIMG_7152

IMG_7097 IMG_7125 IMG_7129 IMG_7148

IMG_7154 emergency2 IMG_7099 IMG_7108 IMG_7116


Ali said...

nice post tracy- she is a trooper - that's for sure.

Jody Doran said...

She does rock! Looking at those pics just proves it. What a sweet little girl you have there and she looks like she is ready to take on this disease by the horns! You go girl!