Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Break

A week or so late but thought I would upload a few pictures of this years "Easter @ The Beach". We had a great time minus my back pain. Sun, eat, lounge, play & family. What a sweet package! Our beach themed playroom is almost done so we will be adding the newest shell collection, beach pictures and our homemade shell gel candles Evelyn and I made.

Candy Smokes, honest!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tooth Fairy Cometh

Evelyn finally lost her first tooth. It has been wiggling since we got back from Spring Break but finally escaped yesterday at school. Doesn't she look cute!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Our contractors are busy working on our house remodel so I didn't think this was possible. Between the power guns, industrial vacs and construction chatter, Addy managed to fall asleep for an afternoon siesta. This gave me time to research a camera I have been eyeing.

And here are a few pics of the remodel. Halfway there!

upstairs enclosure (primed)

Coffered ceiling in progress


We have a wiggler in the house.
The first one.
An emotional time, for me at least.
It doesn't seem possible.
My first born.
Where did the time go?
Why do they grow up so fast?

Evelyn Rose's 1st loose tooth!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Little Of This, Little Of That

It has been too long since I posted, I don't know what the title should be. You tell me!

Miss Confident: Evelyn got her 4th report card and it read: "Evelyn has become so confident! It's wonderful to see". A big change from her 2nd: "Evelyn is doing great academically, but she gets upset when she doesn't understand or is in new situations. We are so proud of her. Hard to believe there is only 2 1/2 months left before school is out.

Peter Rabbit:
"Once upon a time

a long time ago

there was a rabbit family

that lived in a big hole

under a big, big tree"
Evelyn's Kindergarten class merged with another kindergarten class for the performance of Peter Rabbit. The lines above were what she had to memorize (and easily did). The play was very cute, but she proved to be her whatever, anti-dramatic self like she did at her preschool graduation She said she had fun but you'd never be able to tell. I don't think we will worry about her becoming an actress, maybe a movie critic. A darn good one.
Bubba's Check up three months late - Adeline had her two-year check up (almost three months late). She was 35 1/2" tall and weighs 35lb 4ozs. Bubba has a perfect curve and sits at the 97th percentile, still.Brown's remodel - Crazy, maybe. But we have started the remodeling process in our house. They are almost finished with Evelyn's "secret room" (a walk in attic we had finished off for her) then they will start the room addition above our great room. This part will be the most dramatic change and the most nerve racking. Hopefully we will be on spring break in FL when the worse part of the construction takes place. Once they are done with that room, they will move on to the girls playroom, knocking out walls and adding built-ins. Almost forgot, we are having them add a pergola or covered porch on the back of the house. We must be crazy.

Momma Gets Away - Last weekend myself and two of my girlfriends hit the road for some much needed R&R and girl time. We stayed at The Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palms, SC. The rain held off for the most part, allowing us some shopping time in Charleston and some cold and windy poolside lounging. My only regret is that we didn't stay longer, but reality called and back to the daily grind! Thanks Jean and Ali for a relaxing, kid free time.
Out of shape Momma - They are still testing to find out why I get really faint and dizzy when I try to exercise with weights when my heart rate is elevated. This is the whole reason I stopped going to the gym and acquired this not so shapely body. Or maybe too many shapes! Anyways, waiting on the Stress ECHO result I took on Wednesday. Hoping no news is good news. Friday I was all ready to go to the gym and hit my Zumba class but my body had a different idea. While picking up the girls toys I threw my back out. So instead, I got to spend my time crying at the chiropractors office. I had a lot of plans this weekend, but they went wayside and the couch and bed took over. I did get to watch the girls at our neighborhood Easter egg hunt yesterday and ran a few errands today albeit slowly. My back and I are currently stationed in the recliner and that is where we shall stay the remainder of the day. Of course, it has to be 77 degrees and sunny outside. If this doesn't get better, the 7 hour drive to FL on Friday will prove to be very uncomfortable