Monday, June 1, 2009

Did you know - EVELYN

Lost her 2nd tooth on Thursday after gymnastics and;

  • two big teeth are halfway through already
  • the tooth fairy forgot to make an appearance that night since it was 8:30pm when her tooth wiggled/(was hanked) its way out, but she/he did arrive the next night. That silly fairy.

Wants to be an astronaut when she grows up.

Loves to play connect four.

Is still trying to stop sucking her thumb and even Addy yells at her when she sees her sucking it.
("Stop sucking thumb sissy")

Was awarded the Most Improved in her class by her excellent teacher Ms. Jenkins. Both Ms Jenkins and I cried.

Peanut butter is still her most requested food with cheese quesadillas coming in 2nd.

Only has 8 more days of kindergarten then she will be a rising 1st Grader. Can you believe it?

Gets Addy dressed, plays with her for an hour, then comes downstairs and makes her breakfast on the weekends. All while Mommy and Daddy sleep in. Yes, you can say it...Mother Hen. Of course she always dresses her to match her outfit.

Matching as usual
At least she's not the only one with fingers in her mouth!
Being silly before gymnastics

Receiving her award
Connect four anyone?

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