Sunday, June 21, 2009

This Is My Dad by Evelyn

This is My Dad. He is the coolest. He does cool tricks with me in our pool

He puts up with Addy and my silliness.

He teaches us how to swim.

He likes my new shaggy hair cut.

Aren't we cute?
He finally relaxes by the pool with us.

Even Bunny catches a few rays

He plays ball with me
As told by Evelyn:
My dad looks the handsomest when: He goes to work because he wears a colorful tie and a longsleeve shirt and jacket.
My dad is good at: Making quesadillas and chocolate milk.
I like it when my dad: Pumps up my kiddy pool because I love to play in it when it is Summer.
I help my dad when: He mows the lawn I get on the lawn mower.
Thank you, Dad, for: Making the money. I love it so mom can buy me some clothes for me.
The last one is classic, don't you think?
Happy Father's Day!
A late Mother's Day posting here.

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