Monday, January 26, 2009

Gearing Up

Well this will be a busy week. The countdown is on. Big #6 is only two days away but it feels like the entire week will be filled with preparation. Evelyn and I spent the morning together painting pottery at Dish It Out. I will take pictures of them when we pick them up after being fired.

Tomorrow we have to paint the rock in front of Evelyn's school. She's always wanted it painted for her on her birthday so we get to do this at 6pm, in the dark. Nice. The sad thing is by 6pm the next night, it will be gone with the next kids birthday. Somehow, we need to be uptown by 6:30 to see the Animal Walk. The circus is coming to town and they walk the animals down the street from the trucks they came in to the stadium. So we need to figure out who is doing what since I'm not painting a rock at 9pm.

Then the Big Day. I need to be at school to have lunch with her, then back there 40 minutes later to have cupcakes. This should be a lot of fun since Addy is off that day and she will be with me entertaining Evelyn's class. The birthday girl has requested quesadillas and ice cream for dinner so we will probably hit a Mexican restaurant. If that is not enough, Friday night is her Sleepover where she is having a couple friends over. Then, to end the week long celebration, we're off to the circus on Saturday morning.

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