Friday, January 16, 2009

Tid Bits

Where's the snow? Seriously, if its going to be this cold, give us some snow. Evelyn is really itching to get some. There is a 20% chance on Monday which means a few minutes of light snow then rain the rest of the day, IF we get any.

Can I just say Oh My Cow! in honor of the Miracle on the Hudson. Evelyn and I were glued to the TV yesterday watching from the minute they broke-in with the news. Truly amazing.

Evelyn's thoughts:
"Those people are going to want to give that pilot a hundred thousand presents."
"I thought they were going to die and no way to help them."
"Why are they still talking about it, that happened yesterday?"
I guess a 5 (almost 6) year old doesn't get the magnitude of this. We will save todays paper for her so she can look back and remember.
Oh, just in case you don't know, Evelyn used to say Oh My Cow for the longest time. We still say it throughout the family.

Halihops = lollipops
Another one of Addy's hodge podge words that I love to hear her say.

Day 7
Today is the 7th day the girls are on their meds. Last Friday we took E to have her ears checked and while I was there decided to have them look at Addys too. Well, Evelyn had and ear infection and Addy had strep throat. A few more days left of gnarly faces, struggling with the syringe and hearing Addy say "Disgusting". Not to mention the side effects that create havoc in the diapers.

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