Thursday, October 29, 2009


It was time for a much needed haircut for the girls. Evelyn’s had finally grown out enough to get it “fixed” from the hack job Great Clips did to it. My hairstylist had attempted to fix it right after the mangling, but it was so short, she had to just even it out. This time she was able to blend it and make it more of what we wanted in the first place. Lesson learned! We will stick to my lady.

But this was Addy’s first haircut! Can you be it. Two and 3/4’s old! I was always so nervous since she has such a nice wave and soft curls. But, it was time. Her hair was getting stuck in her armpit and peaking out the front.

I completely forgot my camera (brain wasn’t functioning so well from the late night b-day celebration), so forgive me for the awful cell phone pictures.

haircut2 haircut1


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