Monday, September 22, 2008

Day Of Fun

The weather has been so nice lately. Cooler temps and low humidity so we decided to spend Saturday outside as much as possible. We headed up to Lake Norman for a boat ride to see how the other half lives. The girls had a ball and Addy was crazy as ever. She had a hard time understanding that the other boats were boats and not airplanes but I think she finally got it by the end. Then it was off to Putt Putt. Evelyn got the hang of it but Addy still wanted to help by picking up our balls and saying "here". After 18 we drove about 10 miles to the Lazy 5 Ranch where you can drive your own car in and through to see the animals or take a wagon ride. We chose the wagon ride which got us up close and personal with all the animals. Evelyn was a little afraid to feed them but relaxed by the end. This place was amazing and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Addy wasn't scared until we were off the wagon and walking through the petting zoo and bird area. A macaw was sitting high on a branch and was squawking and it freaked her out. She stopped dead in her tracks and wouldn't move. Brian had to carry her through. Of course we are awful parents so for our amusement we would make the same bird sound just to get a laugh at her reaction. Ah, good times. We closed the park down then headed to Vinny's on the Lake for dinner. Luckily Addy had a 15 minute nap between Putt Putt and the Ranch because it was now 7pm and we didn't know what to expect at dinner. She must have been running on adrenaline because she stood on her chair the entire dinner. All rules and manners were out the door since it was so late and we were just happy she wasn't screaming. Lots of pictures from the day so I may have to play around with a slide show but will attach a couple now.

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