Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Helatious Humpday

Let's see...Evelyn was home sick with a fever yesterday and I was REALLY looking forward to a couple hours to myself today after I dropped Addy off at preschool. Today was the last day of the "easing in" period and Monday starts 9-1. Ah, everything is going as planned, not even a problem at drop off with Evelyn. She got out of the car fine and walked into school without any talk of being afraid like she has been. So time to drop off Addy. She was acting a little reluctant today and even snubbed the bubble machine and made me pick her up. Strange. On to her classroom. Let the crying begin. One of the teachers said don't worry, she'll calm down after all the parents leave. I really thought she would but was wondering why she acted like this in the first place. Shortly anyways, I was too excited about having 2 hours to myself!!! I needed to get new drinking glasses, sand for a project for Evelyn, gifts, new gymnastics leotard and a coffee. I got to the first store, shopped a little then got the call. Addy hasn't settled down (1 hour later) and I should come get her. Ugh. So much for alone time. Oh well, I will just pick her up and run the errands. Wrong. My first attempt was at a consignment shop where she refused to get out of a red plastic car. She kept saying Addy's and pointing to her belly. I had to remove her from it kicking and screaming. Well, this isn't working. Let's go home. Well I couldn't get her in her car seat because she was arching, kicking and slapping me. What a scene. Finally I won and off we went. Crap, where is my credit card? Hello, Bed, Bath and Beyond, do you have my credit card? Yes. Crap. She is still screaming. Next call, need to see my child right now. So with a side trip to pick up my credit card (which they said Tracy B? when I walked in. I wondered how they knew it was me. She said, "I recognize the screaming") we were off to the doctors. OK, so this is 2 1/2 hours of screaming. Lord, help me. Strange enough, we get to the Dr's and she is calm (as long as I am holding her) and almost falls asleep in my lap. She even smiles and waves at the nurses, blows kisses and stands on the scale (31 lbs by the way).

Ear infection in left ear. The doctor commented on how well mannered she was. HA!!!!. If she only knew. At least we know why she was acting this way.

Trying to steal my thunder for worst day ever, Brian calls around 5pm. "You'll never guess where I am". I figured he was stuck in the rain storm where there was flooding. "I'm in the elevator, stuck on the 11th floor, it could be a while." OMG! Long story short, the fire department pulled him out after 45 minutes. The elevator was stuck between floors and they had to pull him up and out. OK, he wins.

What a day.
Did I mentioned I bought that stinking red car!


Ali said...

shit girl- i can't believe brian got locked in a damn elevator. but- i might take that over a cranky girl. hope y'all are doing ok. i'll talk to you monday.

Cheryl said...

I don't know, I think you had Brian beat. I would rather be stuck in an elevator. :)