Monday, September 8, 2008

I get to go to school too!!!

So Mommy took me to this cool place one day. It had lots of toys and Elmo on the wall. It even had a slide right in the room. I played there for a bit then Mommy, Sissy and I left. I wasn't sure what this place was until the other day. Mommy brought me back there and I ran right in. I remember the big smile on my face. Then the other lady said, are you going to say goodbye to Mommy? I turned around, waved then ran to the slide. The time went by fast and then all the other kids Moms were coming back and getting them. Then I started to get nervous and cry a little because I didn't know where my Mommy was. But all of a sudden, there was Mommy with a big smile on her face. She took this photo below because she forgot her camera when she dropped me off. I look scared but I really had a great time there. We went back there again today and I had an even better time. They had a bubble machine in the hallway and I played in the bubbles for a few minutes until one popped in my eye. Today was even more fun, we played outside on the playground and I got to ride in one of those cool red buggies that holds six kids like me. I go again on Wednesday but only for two hours. Then next week, Mommy said I go from 9-1, whatever that means. She said she is looking forward to getting some projects done. I'm just lookng forward to that slide!
Me with my teacher Mrs. Linz

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