Thursday, February 2, 2012

What I Want To Do

Evelyn's list of what she wants to do...

9   Go camping with my girl scouts
10 Keep being in girl scouts
11 Learn more about football
12 Get a cool cell phone
13 Become a teenager and get a friend like me
14 Make a garden and plant a tree
15 Get a job as a babysitter
16 Get a car and my drivers license
17 Go on a trip with my friend like me
18 Go to college and learn about Art
19 Keep studying Art
20 Make a stupendous painting
21 Show my painting
22 Get hired as an artist
23 Get a cat
24 Paint my cat, draw my cat
25 Explore and be ADVENTUROUS!

Got to love a 9 year old with a life plan! Hope she doesn't turn into one of those crazy cat people since her dad won't let her have one.

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