Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby its hot outside

Friday, June 6, 2008
The weather here has been H O T. Our pool has finally warmed up and we have been living in it but the girls and I took a day off and went to a park one hour north with our neighbor Jean and her kids. It was a cool 96 so not the ideal day for this but it was worth it. The park was perfect for the girls. It had an enormous playground (which they had all to themselves), a carousel, train, paddle boats, nature center, gem mine, wildlife park, splash area, mini-golf and petting zoo. Evelyn chose the carousel first and we all jumped on. I hate the merry-go-rounds and Addy seems to agree. As soon as it started she let go and kept sliding off the horse while I braced myself between horses and her and prayed the ride would end without, well, you know. Fortunately it did. That was that last time for me. Evelyn had to go on by herself the next time. Addy liked the train ride much better. So did I. Both of them had a great time in the splash area. There was a small nature center that had all of the reptiles that are in our area. So I got to identify all of those lovely snakes I like so much. Saw our friend that was hanging out in our bush. Luckily he is non-venomous. Adeline went crazy over the fish. Oh, I almost forgot about the gem mine. Evelyn sifted through buckets in hopes to find some gold. Ok, at least some planted "gems". She found a handful and thought it was so cool. The day ended with some ice cream and feeding the ducks then we were off to the 101 degree truck and back home. We will definitely go back, maybe with Daddy next time. Thanks Jean for taking us to such a great park!

Wish this log cabin had A/C

Evelyn's Gems

Addy hanging with the fish

Adeline and Emelia

The girls re hydrating

The Ducks

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