Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rock me Ambajejus

Tuesday, July 8 - Today we made it to Millinocket, home of Mt. Katahdin, a mountain that Brian has talked about ever since we vacationed in Maine 10 years ago. After making a quick stop at the State Park Headquarters we headed to the Scootic In for lunch for some delicious lobster rolls. Then we were off to the 5 Lakes Lodge where we will stay for two nights. What a place. We have wanted to come here for a while and finally are here. Our room is called Ambajejus (named after one of the lakes here) and is on the corner so we get an incredible cross breeze. The Lodge sits on a small piece of land surrounded by water. Pretty much heaven. After vegging for a few hours by the water we headed back out for dinner. All we do is eat! Back to town at a little diner (choices are very limited) called The Appalachian Trail. Very casual but really yummy. Really need to diet when we get back to NC.
Catch up tommorow if I can catch a wifi signal.

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