Sunday, August 10, 2008

Breakfast in bed

A whole month has past since I last wrote. I need to get back on track and promise to be better. Starting tomorrow. Solid words from a procrastinator. But my excuse is legit. Thursday I managed to continue my Klutz title and hit my head. Very hard. Doctor said I have a nice concussion with some nerve damage. If my writing doesn't make sense, trust me, it has to be better than the past three days. Actually, today I feel a lot better, not great, but better. Brian has been a great help with the girls and allowed me to rest a lot and sleep in. Which leads me to today. Brian got up with the girls and about 8:30 I managed to crawl out of bed and start making it before I decided to crawl back in. Just then Brian popped back in and said you better get back in bed, Evelyn needs one more minute. So I did. In came breakfast in bed, including a get well card. Evelyn had planned this and Daddy helped. Okay, so it was coffee left over from the day before (gag) and soggy cereal that Adeline proceeded to devour, but it still was the best breakfast a mom could ask for.

That's it for today. Thoughts are scrambled but I'm attaching a few photos of the girls since it has been a while. Thanks for all your well wishes.

Remind me to teach Brian how to make coffee.

Dinnertime snooze

Adeline eating her favorite snack, white cheddar popcorn

(left to right: Maddie, Evelyn, Jack & Ashlyn at the movies)

Daddy and the girls

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