Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wet, Wet

Evelyn's second day of school proved to be an exciting one. Tropical storm Fay's remnants hit Charlotte with approx 10" of rain and tornado warnings all day. School policy has the children "hunkered down" throughout the day whenever there are weather warnings like this. I thought they would have them in the hallways but Evelyn said they put them in the bathroom. Which leads me to the next Wet. Evelyn got off the bus with different shorts on than the ones I sent her in. Hmmm?
Evelyn, did you have an accident?
What happened?
MOMMMMMM! You put extra clothes in my bag.
Just because I put a change of clothes in your bag, doesn't mean you have to use them.
(Jokingly) If you were in the bathroom a lot, you should have went then!
MOMMMMMM! I'm not going to go when everyone is in there!

Her teacher called and left a message telling me the play by play of what happened and how bad she felt for Evelyn. Evelyn has a tendency to hold it until she can't anymore. We had a long talk and Evelyn is afraid to use the bathroom unless someone goes with her and stands by the door. I explained to her that Kindergarten is a lot different and she needs to do this on her own like she does at home. Hopefully, she can get over this fear and go at school. In the meantime, I won't let her out the door in the morning unless she goes to the bathroom here first. That sounds easy enough but I'm sure she will fight me on it.

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