Monday, August 25, 2008

A Brand New Gator

I swear I was just in the hospital filled with emotions. A brand new baby barely 4lbs. That was 5 years ago. I think I was more nervous today than Evelyn. I thought I was all ready but started thinking of all these questions I didn't have answered. How would she get on the bus? How would she know to get off the bus? Will she be too scared to ask to go to the bathroom? Who is going to be worse in the morning, me or her. Will she find her way to the classroom OK? So, she slept fine, me, not so much. Much to my surprise, the send off went extremely well. No tears were shed. Not even me! Just a gut ache that I'm sure won't go away in the next twenty years. I walked her to her classroom today, met her teacher (Mrs. Jenkins) and watched her for a bit. When I asked for a kiss goodbye she leaned close then turned her head and allowed me to kiss her cheek. It's started already. But she was sensitive enough to know I needed more and looked at me smiled then gave me a kiss. Off she went. I will walk her in again tomorrow but from then on, she will be dropped off in the carpool line.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" Evelyn's reaction to me opening the shades this morning to wake her up.
"This doesn't even feel like morning. Are you sure I slept yet?"

That should tell you something! Evelyn has always been a sleeper. I don't think Evelyn ever saw the morning earlier than 8am. We will both be adjusting to this 6 and 6:30 thing. Momma likes her sleep too!

I will let everyone know how she does. I will be waiting with my camera at the end of our driveway today and upload those pictures. Yes, we made a last minute decision to have her ride the bus home everyday. Cringe!
Evelyn off to school
Half awake

Bye Daddy!
Bye Mommy!
Send off gift from Ethan
Big Kindergartner

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