Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day weekend

Well we decided to stay home this year for Labor Day weekend. Friday we went out to dinner then hit a festival. Unfortunately the girls only got to ride one ride then we got caught in a down pour. We were all soaked but Addy didn't seem to mind. Evelyn squacked but was a trooper. The next day Evelyn and I were off to a birthday party for her friend Alora. Off to Libby Lu's for a "rock star" makeover. She is such a tom boy. Definitely not her style but she did like her fake microphone headset she got with the makeover. That night we decided to take the girls to see Kung Fu Panda at the dollar theater. Adeline was great and watched the whole movie. Sunday we hit our second birthday party at our neighbor Emelia's (Ya-Ya) . The girls had a great time with all the neighborhood kids.

Addy with the pinataBackyardagains
Today we took the girls to the Charlotte Knights last baseball game of the season. I wish I could say they had a good time but we spent too much time watching the game and by the time we got over to the play area, they were shutting down. But she did get her cotton candy she was begging for right before we left so that made her happy. Tomorrow it's back to school!

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