Friday, May 16, 2008

Hilton Head

Ok, so I'm already slacking on my blogs. Time just seems to fly by with no free time to sit and write everything down. Addy is helping me with this one so excuse any typos and crazy marks that show up. She is such a good helper, ugh. So we hit the Beach this past weekend with the kids and a few neighbors. The weather was perfect and Hilton Head is so beautiful. We will definitely go back. It is super kid friendly but also perfect for a couple getaway too. The place where we stayed was right on the harbor and few minute walk to the beach. We spent part of the day on the beach and the rest at the pool. Each of the couples who went had there own "apartment" which was right next to one another so we were able to get the little ones to bed, set up a movie for the "big" kids and then hang out on the deck. Right below our apartments were shops, restaurants, ice cream and decks overlooking the harbor. At night there was live music, trivia, a clown and the most important, after-dinner drinks for us! Evelyn and Addy both preferred the pool over the beach. While Evelyn still is cautious of the water, Addy kept trying to get in the pool via the deep end. We definitely have our hands full with Bubba.

Watching the Macaws w/Jack & Ashlyn

Evelyn and Adeline

In the pool

Evelyn and her friend Ashlyn

Addy adjusting to the sand

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