Saturday, May 17, 2008

School is coming to an end. Evelyn's last day is on Wednesday and this past week was "spirit" week. (Hat day, inside out day, tacky day, crazy hair and pajama day) This is a picture of Evelyn on Crazy hair day. We were going to put pony tails all over her head or put the crazy green clown wig on, but the day before, we went to Walmart and she picked out a Hanna Montana wig. She had a great time wearing all around. She participated every day except for Tacky Day. Go figure. The only day she could get away with the crazy, mish-mashed outfits she usually wears, she decides to actually match from head to toe.

Adeline officially has a new nickname to add to the list....The Kissing Bandit. Out of nowhere she will appear, mouth wide open, coming at you. You can't run or hide, she will find you. Especially if you are knelt down, she will come up and kiss your back. Otherwise, your legs or bum get hit by the kissing bandit. Her vocabulary is still low but is improving. "Please, Peek-a-boo, juice are the newest. What she lacks in brain she makes up in mass. Ahhhhhhhhhh, my gentle giant!

Well time to take the troups outside to play now that the Bandit is up from her nap.


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