Saturday, February 7, 2009


Addy's transition from the crib to big girl bed has been perfect just like Evelyn's. She is so proud that she can get in an out without any help from us. Just a stool at the bottom of the bed to get up and a comforter at the end of the bed that helps her slide down to get out. She gets a big grin and says "Addy did it". Well this morning she yet again proved how different her and Evelyn are. Half asleep, I hear a few thumps and then quiet. I open my eyes and feel a presence. Probably just Evelyn coming in our room since Addy's not awake yet. But I don't see her, then I look down, its Addy. She got out of bed, came down the stairs and walked into our bedroom. Grin. Up she came in bed with us. Grin. Grin. A hilarious moment for us, and from the look of her ear to ear grin, her proudest. At four years old, we would beg Evelyn to get out of bed and come down. I think she finally did at 5.

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